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Homeworld: Togoria

Mentor(s): Mirkal

Species: Togorian



Torij’Kon was born on the vibrant and untamed planet of Togoria, a world renowned for its fierce inhabitants and rich hunting traditions. As a member of the Togorian species, Torij’Kon was born with a natural affinity for hunting and survival in the wild. His homeworld was known for its male-dominated hunting tribes, where young Togorian males were raised to become skilled hunters and guardians of their community.

From an early age, Torij’Kon showed great promise and skill as a hunter. His agile movements, keen senses, and razor-sharp instincts set him apart from his peers. As he grew older, his prowess in hunting escalated, and he became a respected member of his tribe, admired for his courage and resourcefulness.

During a crisp morning on the densely forested planet of Togoria, Torij’Kon set out on a solitary hunting expedition, guided by the ancient techniques passed down through generations of his tribe. As he stealthily maneuvered through the underbrush, his senses honed to perfection, Torij’Kon felt a peculiar presence, a subtle disturbance in the Force.

Unbeknownst to him, a Jedi Watchman had arrived on Togoria, drawn to the planet by whispers originally at the mention of long lost artifacts, however he would similarly be investigating Force-sensitive individuals dwelling among the Togorian tribes.

Hidden high atop a moss-covered tree branch, the Jedi Watchman observed the young Togorian with keen interest. From his vantage point, he witnessed Torij’Kon’s extraordinary display of hunting prowess. His lithe movements, impeccable timing, and uncanny precision for his young age were all indicative of someone who possessed an innate connection to the Force.

Intrigued by what he had witnessed, the Jedi Watchman chose to reveal himself to Torij’Kon. Descending from the treetop with grace, he approached the young Togorian, his presence both comforting and authoritative.

Torij’Kon’s eyes widened in surprise as the Jedi Watchman emerged from the shadows. Clad in traditional Jedi robes, his lightsaber holstered at his side, the Watchman emanated an aura of wisdom and power. The Togorian’s instincts, finely attuned after years of hunting, recognized that this encounter was no mere coincidence. The Jedi Watchman introduced himself, explaining the purpose of his visit to Togoria and his search for those who possessed a special connection to the Force.

As Torij’Kon listened, his heart stirred with a mix of curiosity and longing. His innate connection to the Force, which he had always regarded as a part of his hunting prowess, suddenly took on a greater significance. The Watchman’s words resonated within him, igniting a yearning for something beyond the boundaries of his tribe and the familiar forests of Togoria.

Intrigued by the possibilities that lay before him, Torij’Kon made a fateful decision. He agreed to accompany the Jedi Watchman, entrusting his future to the enigmatic world of the Jedi. With each step away from his tribe, he embraced a new destiny, one intertwined with the ancient traditions of the Jedi Order.

Together, Torij’Kon and the Jedi Watchman departed from Togoria, leaving behind the untamed wilderness and embarking on a journey that would forever change the course of the young Togorian’s life. As their ship soared through the stars, Torij’Kon’s gaze fixed on the horizon, his heart brimming with anticipation for the extraordinary path that awaited him at the Rannon Praxeum, where he would explore the depths of his Force sensitivity and learn the ways of the Jedi.