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Teynara Jeralyr

Jedi Master - Councilor

Homeworld: Lianna

Mentor(s): Jared Karen

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Tycho Varga


A graduate of the Jedi Temple on Ossus, Teynara is a human native to the planet Lianna, though she has lived much of her life at the Temple, unless assigned offworld as part of her work with the Medical Corps. She began Jedi training at the age of 8, her Force Sensitivity first being picked up as a result of routine testing by a Watchman assigned to the system, and thereafter left her home to join the student body on Ossus, being formally initiated a few months after arriving.

Although initially struggling with the strange changes in her life, Teynara formed a few solid friendships among the other students, and thereafter took to her studies with enthusiasm, though first requiring some remedial lessons in mathematics, due to having an early weakness in that area. Three years after initiation, having taken a particular interest in the healing arts, she found herself working as a trainee within the Medical Corps, and caught the attentions of the man who would later become her teacher: Master Jared Keran.

Promoted to Padawan rank, Tey continued working within the Medical Corps, travelling alongside her master, splitting her time between her personal studies as a Jedi, and providing assistance to those in need, as was the Corps’ mandate. This did lead to Teynara often working independently of her Master, who invariably spent much of his time supervising the offworld teams, and thus she learned mostly from working with the other Jedi assigned to the Corps, and considers her education to be a little broad as a result.
Leading up to her 18th birthday, Teynara obtained the approval of the Jedi Council to take a formal sabbatical from the Order, so that she might pursue studies outside the ranks, building upon her studies by taking a formal medical qualification at Coruscant Medical. This kept her away from the Order for several years, though she continued to practice what she had been taught, making sure to find time in her schedule to keep her Jedi abilities sharp. Returning to the Order eight years later, having completed a four-year undergraduate program with a further four years in medical school, electing to perform her residency as part of the MediCorps.

Returning to training under her former Master (who had continued to supervise her at a distance during her sabbatical), Teynara achieved promotion to Jedi Knight two years later, and formally requested induction into the Circle of Healers, being assigned to the Ossus Temple in a medical capacity. Although she did not formally take a student of her own, Tey often worked with the trainee Healers assigned to the Temple to develop their skills, passing on some of her own experiences to aid theirs.

Electing to branch out a little and work more on the fringe, Teynara requested and received a formal transfer of assignment to the Rannon Enclave in 375 ABY.


341.06 ABY – Born on Lianna, in the Outer Rim
349.24 ABY – Recruited to the Jedi Order and sent to the Temple on Ossus
352.13 ABY – Joined the newly re-established Medical Corps as a trainee Healer
353.18 ABY – Promoted to Padawan, and apprenticed to Jedi Master Jared Keran
359.07 ABY – Granted sabbatical by the Jedi Council, and accepted to Coruscant Medical for training
367.12 ABY – Returns from sabbatical and rejoins the Jedi Order on a full-time basis
369.21 ABY – Promoted to Jedi Knight, joins the Circle of Healers
375.04 ABY – Transfers from the Ossus Temple to the Rannon Enclave