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Tarsi Morga


Homeworld: Maya Kovel

Mentor(s): Kiara O'ren

Species: Aryou


Like many of his kind, Tarsi is a collector. Of what, changes with his moods. Really, anything that catches his interest at a given time is to be coveted and kept close to heart. Unlike many of his kind, he can be avaricious and greedy – to the chagrin of his parents and often to the detriment of his siblings. Though it’s never done with malice, his passion for [i]things[/i] overwhelms his common sense more often than not.

The eldest brother of four, having two sisters and a brother, his family life was as idyllic as any family could be. Outside of petty squabbles and arguments with his siblings over who should come into possession of a certain toy, or who should be the one to tell tales they thought up amongst themselves at school, there was a deep love shared between all of them.

His mother is a merchant, often away from home in her travels to erect market stalls and deal in “treasures” on the Outer Rim. This left Tarsi’s father in charge of raising the hatchlings and handling accounts from his mates business. He is a fair mediator, and often handles most squabbles before they start with fair negotiation, a trait which is highly prized among the Aryou. When his mother returns from her travels, it’s often bearing gifts for Tarsi and his siblings – but to Tarsi, the greatest gift of all are the stories she brings home with her of places and people far away.

She promised to take Tarsi on one of these trips when he turned 10, and though he was just a feather away from realising this dream, it was soon thwarted when a Watchmen doing rounds of the sector felt his sensitivity to the force. Though he was loathe to leave his home and family, and tried to bargain for just one more year before he left, and soon begging and pleading when that plan fell through, he reluctantly left with the man on the promise from his parents that should he come back, it would be with tales of his own. You see, this is what Tarsi covets most – and he packed little besides a datachip of stories, a few holoalbums and holopictures of his family – and of course – a few baubles he just couldn’t be without.