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Taelan Vertynn


Homeworld: Sleheyron

Species: Mirialan


Within underbelly of Sleheyron, a Mirialan boy was born into a poverty stricken family of five. Taelan Vertyn family, exiled from Mirial centuries ago for reasons unclear, had become a mere footnote. As a fifth-generation immigrant on Sleheyron, his early life was marked by the squalor and desperation that often accompanied those living on the fringes of Hutt-controlled space.

The Mirialan community here was small and tight-knit, isolated and segregated from the other alien influences of the world. They clung to their cultural identity and still practiced their faith, despite the years away from home and surrounded by other influences.

The boy grew up in the dense urban slums among his own people. However, his childhood was a tale of survival, navigating the perilous streets where he would often encounter shady and less savoury individuals. Despite these harsh conditions, the boy’s family instilled in him the values and traditions of their Mirialan heritage.

It was during a a moment in a hidden alcove of a bustling market, that the boy’s life took a dramatic turn. A Jedi Knight, undercover and tracking the movements of a notorious crime syndicate, sensed the boy’s innate connection to the Force. After careful deliberation, the Jedi revealed himself to the boy and his family. The Jedi had sensed the presence in not only Taelan but two of his other siblings.

Trying to promote the Jedi Order, he went on and explained how it was a life far removed from the corruption and decay of Sleheyron. For the Vertyn family, the decision to let them go was rough, yet they saw the glimmer of a brighter future in the Jedi’s offer, a chance for their children to break the cycle of exile and poverty that had ensnared their family for generations and perhaps redeem them in their eyes.

Thus, the boy left Sleheyron, his siblings sent to other branches. Taelan found himself among one of many that embarked on the journey to Duneeden.