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Serbithar Muunen

Serbithar Muunen

Homeworld: Dantooine

Mentor(s): Rhuacca

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Minoda Darkrider


Serbithar Muunen was born in 370 on the secluded planet of Dantooine. His father was an agricultural engineer. His mother was a housewife, who occasionally helped local children with private education. Serbithar was also home schooled in the early years of his childhood. He received no formal education until he was eight years old. By that time however, he was literate and had basic understanding of mathematics.

His grandfather (a former deserter of the Imperium forces during the war) was a frequent visitor at the Muunen household, always telling stories about his days in the Imperium wars. Dantooine was also one of the numerous battlefields during the conflict, after which the Muunens actively helped the community during the reconstruction period. Serbithar learned a few things from these stories, including the Jedi. They were told to be fearless warriors with supernatural powers.

During his school years, Serbithar proved to be a curious child and took every opportunity to find more interesting activities than regular farmwork. He played a lot with the local kids of his age, but he also participated in some schoolyard fights. He always wanted to become more than just another farmer at the very edge of the Galaxy. He always imagined himself as an adventurer or a freelance pilot, but fate stored a different path for him.

Because of a mistreated illness, Serbithar’s vitals and blood were thoroughly examined multiple times. Fortunately, the disease did not leave any lasting mark or damage in his system, however his midichlorian levels appeared to be above average. After a lengthy, thoughtful talk with the local representative of the Jedi Order, the parents agreed to allow their son go with the Watchman. Serbithar was one step closer to his dreams of adventure in a very unexpected way.