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Rozea Lhot

Rozea Lhot
Jedi Knight - Sage Master

Homeworld: Belsavis

Mentor(s): Tsilla Salkyn

Species: Cathar

Padawan(s): Mako Kogane


Born at the high altitudes of Belsavis, Rozêa was the sole surviving child of the second litter of her family. She was the offspring of a Jedi and, unlike her other four siblings, she was the only one to display an affinity to the Force.

She remained at her birthland for six years, learning the ways of her tribe, Kald Nivis, before she was turned in the Jedi Order by her father, after displaying strong and unstable signs of telekinesis; and while she followed willingly, it was emotionally taxing for a child to be taken away by a father who she barely saw in her life. As a result, she went through a rebellious stage in her student years.

She was initiated and stationed for two years in Dantooine, before transferring to Ilum. She was apprenticed after a short while by Master Tsilla Salkyn, which remained her mentor for the remaining of her padawanhood. Furthermore, she got the attention of Ilum’s Sage master and Master healer, as she had shown a strong ability in the Force and Healing arts. A harsh period for her, as she required a lot of focus and determination to handle her being such a conduit for the Force. Because of that, she had almost forgone the physical aspect of her training, even reaching a state of atrophy for a while, resulting in her being hospitalized. Naturally, she recovered, yet that was a drawback in her progress. However, she turned out to be an exceptional Force user, contrary to her physical abilities (compared to a Jedi, of course).

Most of her late teens were spent on the field, traveling alongside her mentor. During that time, she received her first glimpse of vision from the Force, which resulted in them following a series of unfortunate events for half a decade. And along with the closure of those events, came the closure of her padawan years, as she was knighted.

Even after her knighting, she continued traveling, mostly as a watchman and field medic. She returned to Ilum for a year to fill in as a temporary Sage Master, departed again, and three years later she decided that she wanted to settle in and tutor the future generations, therefore, she returned to Ilum.