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Rizka Barrow


Homeworld: None: Nomad Flotilla Ship, "Barrow"

Mentor(s): Tsilla Salkyn, Nil Zendu

Species: Ubese


When Rizka was an infant, she was picked up by a tribe of wandering nomads. Because they didn’t know themselves how she was separated from her parents, or even if they are alive, the entire tribe raised her like a family. She never felt ‘out of place’ with her new family, even with her Ubese heritage setting her apart physically from everyone else in the nomadic tribe. Their lifestyle was very loose and peaceful and generally took pacifist approaches to things. The tribe consisted of three small ships with one medium junker. Rizka was under the direct care of the tribe leader who ran and piloted the medium ship which was called “The Barrow”. The tribe constantly traveled from place to place as they went where the stars winked. Their thought was to go to places of need and bring comfort and joy. They would help mend things and use their dedicated labor to help both the fortunate and the less fortunate finish impossible projects.

They would also put on performances and tell fortunes to lost souls. It was very gimmicky, and they knew it wasn’t accurate, but if they could use it to comfort or direct people down brighter paths, they would treat it as if it was the truth and put their heart and soul into each interaction. Rizka did really enjoy participating in their various performances and helping people feel a bit more happy, but Rizka’s favorite thing to do was reading. Every possible moment she could, she would have her nose buried in a book. She read anything she could get her hands on, nine times out of ten she didn’t quite understand the material, but she enjoyed trying to figure it out. Due to this nature of her, she never quite solidified much strength, stamina or social skills.

One day, while Rizka was deep into dreamland, the objects in her tent started floating unnaturally. At first this frightened some of her people at first, especially the more superstitious ones. This continued three more times and the elders pinpointed that it was Rizka using the force while she slept. After many long discussions amongst the elders and leaders of her tribe, they decided to put Rizka into the care of people who could deal with and nurture this special talent of hers. The clan leader approached her and asked if she would like to go live with the Jedi as she could be happier there. Rizka agreed as she didn’t want to disappoint or burden her clan. The clan then dropped her off on the steps of the nearest Jedi temple which just so happened to be this one. Leaving with tearful hugs, her old family departed. Terrified at her new life she squared her shoulders and entered the temple without an ounce of knowledge of the force or what the Jedi even do.