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Rakta Broac


Homeworld: Uvena Prime

Mentor(s): Myrrkrhkwhrr

Species: Shistavanen


Rakta was born on the Shistavanen homeworld of Uvena Prime, in one of the remote villages. They were extreme isolationists to the point that when ever the village was discovered, they would relocate to somewhere new. Because of this, trade with any other village and especially outsiders was extremely rare, and so when a sickness started sweeping through the village he and a few other children were sent away to a cave system to keep them safe. But they never returned.

Over time, the children set off to scavenge and hunt for themselves and Rakta was one of the ones who did so. Until one day he came across a stranger. The stranger had very quickly noticed Rakta was watching them, but made no effort to call the child out. Instead, over the course of days Rakta watched the stranger and the stranger made passive attempts to allow Rakta to come closer on his own, leaving food and water out for him. After about a week or so of this, the stranger actually called out to him in his own language. It took some convincing, but eventually Rakta entered into the strangers camp.

Rakta got to know this stranger, and learned that they were something called a Jedi, who was out there to study the plants on the planet to learn more about them. It took some time for Rakta to adjust before telling the stranger his own story, and the Jedi eventually offered Rakta to go to a planet called Dantooine where he could learn, that he had the potential to become stronger and could help prevent things like what happened to his village. Rakta was not convinced of this, but after spending more time with them he decided to trust them at least somewhat.

The shistavanen child was pretty scared of the space travel, but further what scared him was the amount of people he encountered when they arrived at Dantooine. While he was on Dantooine, he started learning Basic as part of his standard courses but he had a hard time adapting to being in a new place. He was always on edge seeing so many non-Shistavanen around and his troubles with speaking basic and adjusting to cultural norms lead to quite a few misunderstandings. But after time passed, he was given the chance to become an Initiate but the council of Dantooine agreed that perhaps another temple could suit him better and with the recent move of the Rannon branch, they decided that perhaps there would be a better environment for him. And so, as a bundle of nerves, he took the journey to the Duneeden temple to continue his journey.