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Pent Desh

Pent Desh
Jedi Knight - High Councilor

Homeworld: Thakwaa

Species: Thakwaash


Born Humata Shakwa Desh, Pent is the fifth of seven children born to a pair of third-generation Thakwaash spacers. Their race having only achieved interstellar travel relatively recently, encounters with the rest of the spacefaring galaxy had remained sparse up until the last few hundred years. A chance encounter with a Jedi aboard the family’s transport cruiser, the Harigstadt, revealed the boy’s predisposition for the Force when he assisted his mother with piloting through a hazardous region of space without a functioning navicomputer, avoiding entering the gravitational pull of the Quintarad by mere kilometers.

The boy was taken to train at the Jedi enclave on Illum where they excelled in physical education, even if his martial discipline was lacking at times. While his many minds would at times come to confuse his peers, they also came to grow on them, winning him friends. They continued to show promise in stellar cartography and hyperspace navigation aided by a natural talent for sensing gravitational phenomenon, Pent was still found charting courses considered too risky or dangerous, and showed a weakened grasp of astrophysics when it came to radioactive nebulae or ionized discharges and other non-gravitational hazards of space.

As a Padawan, this cost him dearly during the course of an assignment, and Pent voluntarily reassigned to the Exploration Corps for to serve as navigator aboard smaller vessels where he could still put his skills to use for the Order. The majority of this time was spent charting hyperspace lanes; work considered tedious by most. It was through the slow and gentle pace of pushing into the darkness of empty space that the Jedi found peace among the stars and sparkling skies.

After a five year tour with the ExplorCorps, Pent rejoined the Order on Illum. Finding no familiar faces on the Council that would confirm him, he requested assignment to the Jedi flotilla when the order formerly homed on Rannon evacuated, hoping to aid them. Now caught up to them on Alzoc III, his future as a Jedi begins a new chapter.