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Pent Desh

Pent Desh
Jedi Knight - High Councilor

Homeworld: Thakwaa

Species: Thakwaash


The sense of interstellar bodies and gravity wells through the Force has been familiar to this Jedi since their conception, and their race’s multi-faceted and compartmentalized ways of applying their mind (or minds, as it were) to different tasks has been a topic of discussion for some time as Pent is the first member of his race with observed Force potency in recorded interactions with the Thakwaash.


Born to a large family of first-generation Thakwaash spacers, Humata Shakwa Desh showed talent in stellar cartography and hyperspace navigation, but also a tendency to take risky courses. After a fatal accident, he joined the Jedi Exploration Corps and charted hyperspace lanes for many years, finding peace among the stars. Recomissioned with the Order at Illum he went on to join the Jedi of Alzoc III where he served as ExCorps liaison to the local branch of the Order for several years before being Knighted, and later called to serve on the Jedi Council.


359.10 ABY – Born
367.21 ABY – Initiated into the Order on Illum
375.02 ABY – Transferred to the Praxeum on Dantooine
382.15 ABY – Transferred to the Jedi Exploration Corps by the Council of Reassignment
395.18 ABY – Transferred to the Alzoc III Enclave as a Jedi Adept
420.26 ABY – Granted the rank of Jedi Knight
434.13 ABY – Tasked to attend the Branch Council
438.12 ABY – Called to serve the Jedi High Council
442.13 ABY – Formally resigned as ExCorps Pathfinder