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Nil Zendu

Knight - Knight

Homeworld: Chalacta

Mentor(s): Nicole Vantane, Helayna Bray

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Linton Dorrey, Rizka Barrow


Nil Zendu was born on Chalacta. His parents were both Chalactan Adepts, a philosophical-mystic order of Chalactans that studied at the Temple of Illumination. However 3 years before Nil was born, they lost their daughter Omi a few months after she was born. The reason for her death was never discovered. His father began to question his faith, however his mother still stayed rooted in her beliefs.

His father feared the same fate would fall on his son. The same night Nil was born, his father fled with him leaving his mother behind. Eventually the new born Nil and his father arrived at a small farming community. Hiding his past, the father convinced the Elder of the community to let them both stay and live a care free life.

Nil grew up never seeing his mother. His father never spoke of her and when Nil asked about her, his father remained silent. Nil other wise grew up happy. He played with the local children on a daily basis. The people in his community were the only people he ever knew. While the community still practiced the chalactan faith, his father strongly opposed it’s teachings telling him the only faith he should have is within himself.

A cloaked figure one day passed through the community. She stopped by for provisions but she felt and unusual presence in the fields. She saw Nil play with the children until suddenly one of the boys fell and scraped his knee. Nil stopped and looked at the boy. He went over to him and placed his hand on his knee. The cloaked woman widened her eyes in surprise as she felt the faintest presence of the force start coming from the boy. The knee while not healed, felt warm enough for the boy to stand on his own. At that moment, the father came running out and picked up Nil away from the boy. “Nil Never do that again!” He shouted. “No good can from it.” The father felt a hand on his shoulder. The cloaked woman said in a calm soft voice. “Let’s talk.”

They walked into his small home. “You’re not taking him” his father said as he began to pour water into his mug. Nil sat silent looking confused. “I don’t know who you are or care to know. My boy is happy here away from any order or faiths that think they are the answer to everything” His father said while sipping from his mug. “Your boy is special. He has gifts that-” the father interrupts and slams his mug on a nearby table. “They are not for you to use or manipulate!” Nil rose and pulled on his father’s sleeve. His father looked over to his son.
The cloaked woman lowers her head and said “He doesn’t belong here and you know that.” The father stares at the boy for a few moments. With a lump on his throat. He finally turns to her and says “Take him” pulling his sleeve away from Nil before storming out the house.

Nil in a soft voice asked the woman “Where are we going?” The woman smiles at the nine year old boy and says “You shall see child.”