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Nicole Vantane

Jedi Knight - Adept

Homeworld: Alzoc III

Mentor(s): Nulla Zil

Species: Kiffar-Echani

Padawan(s): Nil Zendu


An extensive family of Force sensitives with a wide variety of bloodlines. Nicole was born to A Kiffar mae by the name of Kai and a Hybrid(Human-Echani) by the name of Nadia. Nadia’s family history was a little darker than most when she was growing up, but her father tried his best to make sure she was never privy to such a fate. He would always push her to take more value in something like the Jedi or any other sect further away from anything that had a more brutal outlook. Regardless of being trained to use the Force by her father, she had no order to cling to, nothing to really follow, but herself and her father’s words.

Kai on the other hand was a very loose-fitted Jedi, like most Kiffar, generally a bit hotheaded. Kai had a fairly polar opposite personalities to Nadia’s more calm and cold behavior. They somehow came together by the will of the Force itself, and from it was born a child by the name of Nicole. She took much after her Father, and very subtle aspects of her mother; stubborn, and a bit brash of course, but very hyper focused and direct on what she wants. She was always a bit harsh growing up as a child, frowning more than she ever smiled. She also tended to borrow from the heritage of her Father a lot more than her mother’s side. She would frequently experiment with the patterns she wanted for her facial markings as a Kiffar. Coming with a final design of heavy black eyeshadow encompassing the entire eye and cutting off in a slit just further away.

Nicole had a good relationship with her grandfather however, who had a near similar personality to her own. Both came off a bit stubborn and very brash, but they always had an unspoken way of understanding each other. The one man she could honestly smile and laugh with most of the time was the near robotic and stoic figure that was this man; her mother’s father. The day she had shown her Grandfather the ‘ideal’ markings she had chosen, he would laugh saying she looked like some small vicious animal, which gathered for her to simply jump up and bite him; the two of course just having a small bout of fun in their own little way.

By the time the girl came to be around Five years old, Nicole’s grandfather came over to actually decide her fate in terms of learning the ways of the Force. Seeing as he was a strong advocate for peace in the galaxy, and he came to trust the Jedi besides his own history with them. However he was not about to let her venture off; he was still frightened giving the missing children’s case. Nicole was sheltered and guided directly by her parents towards the Ossus temple to be trained. Although not an entirely problematic child, she was far colder than any of her age. She had trouble making friends, or any one to be closely associated with. Nearing her Pre-Teens the Jedi of Ossus decided to give her to a more laid back branch who could easily aid her in bridging relationships with others. Nicole was set to be transferred to those of the Jedi Floatilla, of course with an escort by request of her overbearing Grandfather.