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Navrin Tilo


Homeworld: Iloh

Species: Ilohian


Sprouted on Illohian in the year 433 to Ilysia Tilo and Rekrey Tilo, Navrin Tilo was a notably small and timid baby. Being brought up on a planet famed for it’s tropical nature, it’s oceans, and it’s beaches, it’s no surprise his early childhood was formed in peace and tranquility. His mother, a lower-school teacher, always enjoyed taking Navrin on long distance walks into the wilder areas of the region in which they lived. Perhaps this is where the young child’s imagination and allure to all things wildlife comes from?

Much like his kin, the young boy sports fair-skin paired with light green curls, a renowned stereotype when paired with his culture. Yet, unlike his classmates and peers, Navrin is far from extroverted. During his summer breaks, and between his chores, he’d always be found outdoors, off in the tundra, left to his own devices and playing amongst the wilderness. Befriending animals, and attempting to be cautious of plants (Not that him being cautious would do him any good considering the amount of rashes the boy would come home with near daily).

During one of the more exciting days of Navrin’s school life, a guest from the Jedi Order came to his class, a Knight and Watchman of the Order. Unlike other guests who had come to Navrin’s school in the past, the guest did not give a lecture nor really speak other than to introduce himself. On that exact school day’s break, whilst the other children played with each other Navrin was once more just content to run around in the green area. Other than the occasional small talk with his classmates the young boy would just continue to frolic in his own little world, catching small insects and letting them go, climbing trees and hanging onto branches. It was at that time the Jedi’s observer turned from spectator to contributor.

The Watchman approached Navrin, kneeling at the bottom of a small tree and speaking softly to him, learning about the boy and trying to understand why he would rather be in the gardens than with the majority of his class. It’s not clear what exactly was said between the two but what is clear is the Watchman’s resolve to have scouted this boy to join the Jedi Order. Similar to most other children, the Jedi’s request was met with skepticism and heated debate from Navrin’s parents. A back and forth argument ensued with what would be best, to keep him at home with his family, or to send him to potentially be trained as a Jedi. The final decision was left to Navrin himself, with the prospect of seeing more than just his school and his own planet for the rest of his life, it’s clear what he chose.