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Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Kashyyyk

Species: Wookiee

Padawan(s): Rakta Broac


Myrrkrhkwhrr, or Myrrkr, was born 347.06 ABY on the slave ship “Corvus” to Nacca and Kara. Nacca’s failure during a hunt in the Shadowlands, which caused the deaths of two of his kin – resulted in his and his pregnant wife’s exile. As they were seeking refuge, Nacca and Kara were captured by a group of slavers and taken aboard the freighter “Corvus” to Nar Shaddaa to be sold.

The exiled Wookiee family were sold to the Twi’lek crime lord “Nul” whose business consisted in the trafficking of illegal weapons. His mother, Kara, was put to clean and cook, and his father guarded Nul and assisted in the protection of the contraband.

Kara was permitted to nurture Myrrkr for the first thirteen years of his life. The prospect of having three Wookiees in his ranks delighted Nul. Kara taught Myrrkr their native tongue, and spoke of their beautiful homeworld Kashyyyk and culture often. Kara was honest about their circumstance to Myrkar and the nature of the collar around his neck. This didn’t demoralize him. In fact, it gave him greater resolve to help his mother and built somewhat of a resentment towards his father.

Around the age of fourteen, Myrrkr began to spend more time with Nacca – training in the ways of combat to be of service to Nul. Myrrkr had a…sense his father was hard headed and feeble minded. Regardless, Nacca was for lack of a better word – a tank.

At eighteen, Myrrkr and Nacca were protecting an arms shipment en route to a deal on the planet of Abregado-rae, when their ship “Clawtooth” came under attack by a Republic cruiser led by a Trandoshan Jedi Peacekeeper. The Clawtooth was crippled easily enough. What the Jedi Master was not expecting were two violent Wookiees inside.

The Jedi attempted to reason and calm them but failed. They began to fight. The Trandoshan Jedi defeated them with great difficulty. Expecting to die, Myrrkr readied himself – satisfied in having defended his father, his family. Instead, the Jedi removed their collars and arrested the rest.

They were freed. Myrrkr could’ve chosen freedom that day. Rather, he cast himself down to the Jedi’s feet and swore his life to him – indebted for all time. His father dared not to interfere. Understanding of the Wookiee tradition as it is shared with the Trandoshans, the Jedi Master Zessk could not refuse. But as a Jedi, he could not accept it entirely in good conscience.

In time he was able to convince Myrrkr to shift his life debt from him to the Jedi Order.

Myrrkr and Nacca guided the Jedi Master to Nar Shaddaa, to Nul’s compound, but when they arrived it had been evacuated. The slimy Twi’lek learned of their defeat at the hands of the Jedi and was not going to risk capture.

Their mother was missing. Nacca, with crushing guilt, went on his own in search of his life partner, while Myrrkr left with the Jedi Master.

For several decades the pair traveled together. Myrrkr helped Zessk in his Jedi duties. Myrrkr’s connection to the Force became evident to the Trandoshan, and inevitably Master Zessk took it upon himself to train him in the ways of the Jedi.