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Jedi Master - Gate Master

Homeworld: Unknown

Mentor(s): Khátla Merie, Arven Silaan

Species: Chistori

Padawan(s): Claude Varron, Xishala Uquali, Yusuke Masashi, Torij'kon


Mirkal was born on a freighter in Deep Space. Mirkal’s parents were traveling with one of his father’s friends, a Bothan hacker, information broker, and merchant named Aeno Mi’nur. At one point, they were attacked by pirates. The group barely escaped the encounter, with the exception of Mirkal’s mother, who was abducted by the pirates. Afterwards, Mirkal’s father was very protective of his son, obsessive about teaching him how to defend himself with a blaster, martial arts, and using the turrets on Aeno’s freighter. The trio travelled through many star systems around the galaxy, but Mirkal was not keen on exploring too much. Instead developed a love for technology and flying. Aeno allowed him to delve further into his hobbies because of the availability of resources and a ship. After ten years of living with Aeno, Mirkal and his father finally moved to Coruscant. Mirkal’s father got a job as a security chief at an engineering firm, and Mirkal was finally allowed to go to a school. However, Mirkal was generally made fun of and a social outcast because of his relatively poor social skills and intimidating appearance. After one year of working for the firm, Mirkal’s father was framed for a crime, of which he didn’t go into detail. Mirkal’s father abruptly took his son and escaped into the Coruscant undercity to seek refuge from the authorities.

They lived in the Coruscant undercity for a year, Mirkal’s father meanwhile taking a job as a local crime lord’s enforcer. He befriended a young and reckless human female Bounty Hunter named Shaelyn, and found his friend Aeno. Mirkal’s father was not at home often, and Mirkal had to fend for himself. For the majority of his life up to this point, Mirkal had very few friends, so he spent a lot of time exploring and tinkering with technology. Mirkal’s father eventually got a lead on his wife’s whereabouts and decided to act on it, however Mirkal was told it would be too dangerous, so he couldn’t come along. He would be taken to his father’s friend and Mandalorian brother Mihlo Marez on Corellia.

Mihlo owned a farm a few kilometers outside of the mountain village of Bela Vistal. Mihlo had two sons and a daughter, named Cabur, Azt, and Anya. The three immediately saw Mirkal as a friend. Mirkal’s father told Mihlo that if he didn’t return or make contact in one year to raise Mirkal as his own, to which Mihlo agreed. After one year, Mirkal’s father never returned or made contact with the family, so Mirkal was adopted. Mihlo built on Mirkal’s blaster and martial arts skills, and eventually delved further into his piloting. Within a year, he was already on par with his siblings, who trained for years prior. He reacted to their movements so quickly it seemed as though he already knew what they were going to do. His siblings realized this, and saw him as the best fighter of them all, but Mirkal only sought to fight bullies and to protect others. Mihlo told Mirkal stories about the Jedi, how they were noble and honorable warriors with supernatural powers.

Mirkal and his family were social outcasts because of their heritage and the fact that they lived in an area saturated with proud Corellians. When Mirkal was fifteen he was confronted by four classmates in a locker room alone. They tried to jump him, but Cabur walked into the room, quickly joining the fray. Mirkal was in a calm state of mind, countering each attack as it came, but not pressing any of his own, but Cabur was focusing more on attacking. However, one of the kids knocked Cabur down and began hitting him. Enraged, Mirkal turned aggressive, incapacitating Cabur’s and one of his attackers simultaneously and proceeded to fight another child. Eventually however, the fourth student, who slipped away in the chaos earlier, came back with an Assistant Principal and a nurse.

Disciplinary action was taken against Mirkal, and he was suspended for two weeks. Mirkal spent the time working on an old Z-95 Aeno bought for the Marez family before he left with Mirkal’s father. At some point during his suspension, Mihlo came in to talk to him about it. Mirkal was reluctant to do so, but he wondered why he could seemingly sense anything was going to happen. Mihlo said nothing, but needed a blood sample before he was allowed to go back to school. Mirkal agreed, but was skeptical. Nevertheless, he offered a sample of his blood to Mihlo, who left shortly afterwards.

Mihlo returned the next day with a man clothed in brown robes to find that Mirkal and the ship were not there. A few moments later, the ship appeared on the horizon and landed in front of the hangar. Mirkal got out and went to work on an engine. After finally getting his attention, Mihlo finally introduced Mirkal to the man, who claimed to be a representative of the Jedi Order. The Jedi explained that the Jedi Order was an order of peace-keepers that studied an energy field called “the Force”, and how they can use it to mediate conflict throughout the galaxy. All this did was confuse Mirkal, so the Jedi just told him it was why he had quick reflexes. The Jedi said that Mirkal has the opportunity to go with him and train to be a Jedi, but he had to leave his family on Corellia. Mirkal decided that it would be best to go with him, so he said goodbye to his family, packed his bags, and left the next morning.

The Jedi explained that he was going to take Mirkal to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Mirkal opposed going to go to the Coruscant temple, no doubt the most populated Jedi Temple. He reasoned that he did not want to got to a place where there a lot of people because of his underdeveloped social skills. He stated that he did not want to risk being removed from the Jedi Order before he was even given a chance. After some thought, the Jedi changed his ship’s heading in the opposite direction. He stated that he knew “just the place, but it’s a bit cold”. Mirkal was not concerned, but instead welcomed the smaller population and colder environment, which he said would keep him focused and inside of the temple. The Jedi smiled and asked him if he was ready to jump to hyperspace. But it was more of a rhetorical question. Ready or not, he activated the hyperdrive, and the stars bled into lines as the ship entered hyperspace, the course set for Alzoc III.