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Minoda Darkrider

Minoda Darkrider
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Kiffex

Mentor(s): Serbithar Muunen, Rhuacca

Species: Kiffar

Padawan(s): Ilya Gampassa, Rhys Cardin


On 396.30 ABY, Minoda Darkrider was born on the planet Kiffex to an exiled Kiffar warrior Kaelos Darkrider and his wife Artemis Darkrider, originally from Clan Skelgard. The family was exiled twenty years earlier from Clan Skelgard and forced to resettle outside of their lands.

Minoda and his family had a small settlement in the lush forests half a day’s journey from the borders of Clan Skelgards lands. The settlement was not much to look at, half a dozen huts made of wood and straw held a few feet from the ground on thick wooden stilts all crafted by the clansmen. This was all Minoda knew, and it was home. At the head of the settlement stood a larger hut, slightly more well-made and held a few decorative features as well as some of their comforts such as animal pelt rugs and a blazing fire pit in the middle. This structure was where they hosted all their meetings and festivities.

The Darkrider clan was completely self-sufficient and Minoda had no issue making himself busy throughout the day. He was tasked with gathering water, firewood and even foraging for berries. He loved these tasks because he would make games out of them. Jumping from the rocks across streams, bouncing from rock to rock and swinging on low-hanging tree branches. Almost treating the forestry surrounding his settlement as an obstacle course. He was quite a care-free, athletic young boy.

Minoda had a deep love for his mother, who cared for her only son and treated him like a prince. He would go to great lengths to make her proud of him and was always on his best behaviour. He could be cheeky from time to time, but it was all in good fun and the other settlers knew of his fun-loving childish spirit. The only time he was not muddy was when they were holding traditional ceremonies. He was very loved among the settlers.
On one summers’ eve, two men entered the settlement, an elder Kiffar from Clan Prax and a Jedi Watchman on a diplomatic mission. The men were visiting the camp to discuss Clan Darkriders induction into the group of officially recognised clans on Kiffex. The talks were held in the large structure at the head of settlement over a feast of some of the clan’s best food and drink. There were lots of laughter and merry making long throughout the day and into the night. The verdict was that Clan Prax sympathised with the Darkriders situation and did not fully agree with them being banished from Clan Skelgard and would see fit that the Darkriders would be restored to an honourable family among the Kiffar culture.

The Jedi had little interaction with anyone other than when approached or spoken to directly. He was acting in more of an observational capacity. He seemed calm, but very alert at all times. As night fell many of the settlers resigned for the night and made their way back to their huts.

Around an hour or so later. The settlement became under attack by disgruntled members of Clan Skelgard who had caught wind of the negotiations. They stormed the settlement, setting fire to the huts and slaying settlers as soon as they had caught their eye. The families all rushed outside to see what the commotion was only to meet the edge of a steel blade. One of the first to fall was the envoy from Clan Prax and Minoda’s father. At that moment, he heard the Jedi speak for the first time when he told him to seek refuge under the stairs and to not come out until he told him so. Minoda watched in horror as many of the settlers fell. His entire family. The Jedi sprung to action and managed to kill many of the attackers, he did so very quickly but there was just too many. Feeling that the tide of the battle had turned, the remaining attackers turned tail and fled. The Jedi retrieved Minoda from his hiding place as promised, however the damage had been done.

Minoda, at that moment completely grief stricken turned to see his mother and fathers body laying lifeless on the cold mud of the forest clearing. All around them was a fire and devastation. He was completely numb. The Jedi placed a large hand on Minoda’s shoulder and steered him away from them, to shield him from the pain. The Jedi wasted no time and decided to remove the boy from a dangerous situation. The Jedi, known as Grel – went on to explain that there was nothing left for him and that he was going to need to report what had happened to the Jedi Council. Minoda had no idea what any of this meant and did not have the energy or resolve to question it. The Jedi went on to explain that the young boy might have the chance of a new life, away from the imminent danger he was facing on Kiffar. I will take you to the Praxeum on Rannon. They will know what to do with you. It was less of a question and more of a statement, but the look on the Jedi’s face implied it warranted an answer.

Minoda was able to muster a nod. He knew there was nothing left for him here. He did not know what would be in store for him, but he stood firm – remembered his fathers words anytime he was scared – “Bravery is not the absence of fear, but the action in the face of it.”, he knew what he had to do. Minoda raised his head and firmly followed Grel to the shuttle. This was where he needed to go.