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Mako Kogane

Mako Kogane

Homeworld: Atrisia

Mentor(s): Rozea Lhot

Species: Atrisian


Mako Kogane was born into humble beginnings on his native Atrisia. Ever since he was young, his parents instilled into him the values passed down through the generations: Honor your parents, Respect your Elders, Conduct yourself with humility, Judge not others without first judging yourself, so on and so forth.

His mother kept the house, while his father was a Kensei, a swordmaster, at the local dojo. Teaching those who wished to learn, the Way of the Blade. Mako, naturally, wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps, hoping that he too, could one day become a fine bladesman such as his father.

In the many years of his childhood, Mako would often be found swinging sticks he had found, battling imaginary foes, or pretending he was an instructor at the dojo, to the amusement of his father and the dismay of his mother. Eventually, at the age of 12, Mako’s father relented, and allowed the boy to begin instruction in the fundamentals of swordsmanship. The dojo, being opened to the public, had a few spectators at the time. Locals mostly, but as well as a few off-worlders.

With wooden practice sword in hand, Mako disregarded the spectators, focusing only on that of which he had wanted for most of his childhood. The boy showed an almost inhuman aptitude for it. Able to orient his training sword where his father had intended to strike, before even such a strike was telegraphed.

This display impressed Mako’s father, as well as those spectating. Though one spectator in particular, was most intrigued. The spectator would pull aside the elder Kogane, and reveal himself to be a Jedi, who showed interest in Mako, reasoning that it was the Force that guided the boy’s hand and that this talent should not be squandered, asking Mako’s father if he could take Mako to a place where he could grow his talents in service to the greater Galaxy.

To this, Mako’s father asked the Jedi for a few days of deliberation with his wife. It was a large decision to be made and a huge twist of fate. The Jedi abided, and discussion was had over what was to become of Mako. A spiritual household, Mako’s mother and father did not ignore that this could have been a sign that their son was destined for greater things, and to keep him on Atrisia, would only be a disservice to the Galaxy.

Mako’s parents informed him of this path that had revealed itself to him. They asked if he wished to become a Jedi, to learn of the gifts in the Force he had been blessed with, as well as to learn the ways of the Jedi’s blade. Reluctant at first, Mako decided to accept his new path with humility and gratitude, following the Jedi to the Praxeum on Rannon.