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Linton Dorrey


Homeworld: Vondarc

Mentor(s): Nil Zendu

Species: Umbaran


Just outside of the major city, Vonport, there was a house that homed the Dorrey family. The house was nothing great. A pretty average house with a pretty average family. Linton and his foster parents lived in this house, they were middle class and managed to live a pretty good life for the most part.

Linton Dorrey, an Umbaran amongst human parents. Things in his life were sure to change very soon. After a long day of school he arrived back at his home to find a strange man speaking to both of his parents. It didn’t take long for them to notice the boy walk in, then the mysterious man asked if he could have a chat with Linton. The boy looked at his parents as they gave the nod of approval, and he followed the male outside.

Three toys were procured from a satchel the man had been carrying, he laid them out in front of Linton. One of the toys happened to be force imbued unknown to him. Something about that particular toy drew him to it, as he quickly made his decision without hesitation. The mysterious man gave a short nod to the parents that had followed them outside, confirming his suspicion of their child.

They returned back into the house where there was some more chatting, which eventually led to Linton being informed he was going to a new home. Linton, albeit sad, packed his bags and said his goodbyes. He was on his way to start the next chapter of his life as a potential Jedi of the order.