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Inyri Nast

Inyri Nast
Jedi Knight - Knight

Homeworld: Nar Shadda

Mentor(s): Wina Tora

Species: Human


A graduate of the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, Inyri was born on Nar Shaddaa, though she has lived most of her time at the Jedi Enclave, unless otherwise off-world with her Master. Little is known of her time on Nar Shaddaa, but one can only assume it was a struggle. She was found to be force sensitive by happenstance when she crossed paths with a Jedi Watchman who was on the planet at the time. Seeing a chance at escaping her life on the smuggler’s moon, Inyri left with the Jedi to Dantooine where she was initiated at the young age of seven.

She struggled initially as she adapted to these drastic changes in her life. She was ultimately able to form bonds of friendship with other students in the enclave and then took to her studies with enthusiasm. Having been little more than a street urchin on Nar Shaddaa, she required many remedial lessons to catch up with her peers. Her aptitude for avoiding detection and bypassing security systems was noted early. She began interning at the gate master’s office, aiding the enclave security department. Initially, she aided in menial tasks, but later she took on more advanced responsibilities. She joined the older guards on patrol and began to interact more with the locals.

A few years in, she was promoted to the rank of Padawan. Her work with the security department had drawn the attention of Wina Tora, the same Jedi Watchman who had found her so many years ago. She took her on as her Padawan learner. Over the next several years, the pair would travel to neighboring systems working with local authorities to maintain order, aiding the locals with the myriad of problems that plagued outer rim worlds and even undertook recruiting additional younglings to the order.

The pair spent much time together and grew close. The Master had become more of a parent to Inyri. While this spurred the young Jedi forth, it would all come crashing down when she lost her Master on an unfortunate assignment on Telos. The details of the investigation were not made publicly available, but the events had turned the once socially active Padawan to a recluse. The council had considered her actions during the assignment worth Knighthood.

The young Jedi did not share their assessment, however. Though considered to have officially passed her trials, she refused to take up her role as a Jedi Knight, feeling unworthy. She did not wish to leave the Order, either, as it had become her whole life. The council recommended she be transferred to another training facility. Hoping to start anew, she chose the Rannon Enclave.


420.05 ABY – Born on Nar Shaddaa, in the Outer Rim

427.10 ABY – Recruited to the Jedi Order and sent to the Enclave on Dantooine

434.30 ABY – Promoted to Padawan, and apprenticed to Jedi Master Win Tora

439.20 ABY – Promoted to Jedi Knight

440.27 ABY – Transfers from the Dantooine Enclave to the Rannon Enclave