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Ilya Gampassa

Ilya Gampassa

Homeworld: Glee Anselm

Mentor(s): Minoda Darkrider, Rozea Lhot

Species: Nautolan


Agis’ motivation was not as pure as Ilya was led to believe. Another one of his kids was deemed Force Sensitive, which would only mean one thing; he could send it away, just like his wife did with their firstborn daughter all those years back.
But he was not a terrible father. Just a bit sly.

Ilya is the youngest of six siblings; one very gracious Jedi, or at least that’s what everyone thinks since no one really knows a bit about her whereabouts, a pair of twins, one older sister, a slightly-older-than-him brother and, of course, this light-colored nautolan with the colorful tips on their tendrils.

Growing up in Glee Anselm was surely fun, but Ilya only managed to live their first five years there. When that watchman came to discuss with their family, something shattered inside of Leena’s heart. How could a mother get separated from her kid again?
“Thankfully” for Ilya, their father brainwashed them into wanting to bring honor to their family and, of course, the sister they never met but always worshipped.

It’s still way too early to determine Ilya’s personality. It’s just a kid; kind of a germaphobe, kind of ignorant when it comes to emotional distress. Not always easy to talk to, but surely a person who tries their best to be friendly.
One thing they don’t appreciate talking about is about social cues, what’s this and what’s that, titles in general. Being not a boy, being not a girl; Ilya just wants to try to be a Jedi.

Living with many people isn’t an issue for them. Separating from their parents doesn’t bother them, at least not all the time; they know how important it is to be someone important, someone who helps, a lighthouse for people. But that’s a discussion for another time; right now Ilya is simply a colorful kid. Expressing opinions or even wrong conclusions, touching the lift’s button with their sleeve, spending all the time on the lake, hydrating as much as possible!

In front of Rannon’s gigantic doorways, as they are about to open, the galaxy seems larger than ever before as a new chapter begins for Ilya’s life.