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Eluna Mioni


Homeworld: Thustra

Mentor(s): Saesee Yaren

Species: Sephi


Eluna Mioni, a female Sephi, grew up on the planet Thustra. In her youth, Eluna was close to her two cousins, brothers Saresh and Knol. Following in the footsteps of Saresh and Knol’s mother, Jedi Knight Te-Laih Mioni, all three were eventually discovered to be Force-sensitive and joined the Jedi Order on Dantooine. There she was apprenticed under the Jedi Master Saesee Yaren. On Dantooine, the Sephi honed her skills with the lightsaber by frequently taking on the two cousins in training duels. From the beginning, Eluna harbored a deep, burning desire to become a great Jedi, and pushed herself extremely hard to achieve her goals. Over the course of her training, Eluna earned Yaren’s faith and confidence. She eventually constructed her first lightsaber under Saesee’s guidance. They traveled a lot together and formed a strong connection.

During the early years after the Equilibrium era, the Sephi and her master were sent on a joint mission with the Ossus branch to the volcanic moon of Zerist.
The Jedi’s mission was to infiltrate a mining facility and acquire the antidote to a new biological weapon. However, upon entering the facility, Eluna commented that there were no security forces. Yaren and the other Jedi heightened their Force awareness as Jedi Knight Moje led the search for the antidote. The search, though, came to an abrupt halt when Eluna and others encountered the bounty hunter Osolo. Immediately, Osolo caused a huge explosion, and the ensuing fight saw the bounty hunter kill Masters Moje and Arca. After witnessing the death of both masters, the Sephi realized that the bounty hunter was trying to escape with the antidote. To stop him, Eluna used the Force to hurl debris and broken glass at the fleeing Trandoshan, causing her to falter due to her wounds. Even though Osolo tried to kill her with another explosion, Eluna was able to combat the bounty hunter. After Osolo had been neutralized, Yaren advised the Sephi that she had recovered a vial of the antidote and entrusted the padawan with it, together the two Jedi started to withdraw in the wake of the facility’s destruction.
As the two Jedi attempted to escape the compound, a large explosion occurred near them, causing Yaren to falter and drop her guard. During those few moments, a revived Osolo used his concussion rifle to badly electrocute the Jedi, leaving her severely wounded. Osolo realized that the factory was near its final destruction and boarded a nearby ship, leaving Eluna and Yaren to die.

Even though the wounds she had received from the bounty hunter were severe, Yaren’s strong connection with the Force would have allowed her to eventually recover. However, she recognized the dire need for the Republic to have the antidote that Eluna possessed, and in a final act of self-sacrifice, touched the Sephi and filled her through the Force with her last reserves of strength. Due to Yaren’s sacrifice, Eluna was able to jump to safety and ultimately escape the planet to bring the antidote back.

Eluna was heavily affected by the death of her master, she thought she acted recklessly during the mission due to an overconfidence in her skills and that she was the sole responsible for the death of her master. The Dantooine council after some time decided that it would be better for her own good to be transfered to another branch. Rannon was their choice and she was sent there to join the rest of the student body.