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Eli Tzineda

Eli Tzineda
Jedi Knight - Battlemaster

Homeworld: Bacrana

Mentor(s): Kiara O'ren

Species: Barabel

Padawan(s): Zhu'shk


Eli Tzineda was born one of six hatchlings in the year 392.10 on the planet Barcana. These hatchlings were not to be born on Barab I, the homeworld of the Barabel species. The Tzinedas, including a second Barabel mating pair, settled on Barcana some months prior, to remove the threat of another nest falling prey to a species on their homeworld. That would prove to be a wise choice for some years.

The family’s formative years were spent doing what a Barabel does best. Tracking, hunting, and ultimately asserting themselves as one of the planet’s deadliest predators. Year on year, Eli and his brothers and sisters grew in stature, skill, and nous.

Occasionally, the Barabel would get the feeling they were being watched, often whilst performing that very same thing on their next meal. Still, the hatchlings would stray farther and farther as each year passed, unable to ascertain whether their dominance in the hunting grounds was really as dominant as they were led to believe.

An outpost in the nearby area became a source of entertainment for the young Barabel. Humanoid species would tumble, trip and fall over one another whilst performing impressive exercises. Impressive for their kind, at least. The young Tzinedas would observe on a daily basis. That feeling of being watched often reciprocated by those they stalked.

As Barcana’s source of light and warmth breezed through its cycles, the figurative and literal distance between the Barabel and the outposts residents dwindled to little more than a small, dry crack in the soil. Soon, both the hatchlings and their daily source of entertainment were mingling. Barks, hisses, and strange words dominated the first instances of dialogue but were eased as more understanding was gained.

No longer did the hatchlings feel watched, but rather wanted; a notion not remiss on the Barabel parents. One of the older, more impressive individuals at the outpost, a Zabrak male, would often be in conversation with the Barabel elders. Eventually, these conversations concluded, resulting in the hatchlings having only the Zabrak for company in a transport vessel bound for who knows where.

The Tzinedas were split in the weeks that followed. A humanoid with mid-length dark hair and a warm smile introduced himself to Eli as Sirius, and made it clear to the lone Barabel that they’d be journeying a step or two further yet.

392.10 – Eli Tzineda hatches on Barcana, in the region of the Jedi Outpost.

398.02 – Eli Tzineda is initiated in the presence of the Ossus Jedi Council.

398.08 – Eli Tzineda transfers to the Alzoc III Enclave.

405.07 – Eli Tzineda is apprenticed to Jedi Knight Kiara O’ren.