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Dooroor Devadd


Homeworld: Aduba-3

Species: Ithorian


Dooroor was the son of religious farmers from Aduba-3. The pupa spent most of his days helping the farm and learning about the Sacred Way. The Devadd’s visited Spacer Hill often to visit their mother’s grave. During a visit, they noticed a robed woman grieving over a grave in distraught. Dooroor and his father approached the woman, and offered to pray for her. She wiped her tears before accepting their offer, and gave Dooroor a stunned grin. After the father shared a deep and melodic psalm, they proceeded to invite her to their village not far from the spaceport.

It was a rainy evening as they conversed and traveled to the farm. They shared tales surrounding the lands below Onacra, and the woman shared that the grave she mourned over contains the remains of “one of the greatest pilots to ever live.” Dooroor’s father confesses his resentment and fear for his pupa’s future on this lawless world and inability to provide protection for his son. As they approached the farm, they witnessed their crops being attacked by a swarm of high-hounds. The robed woman ignited her lightsaber which caused the birdies to flee. Dooroor’s father invited her for dinner as a form of gratitude.

At the table, she revealed her identity as a Jedi and explained that something had brought her to Dooroor who she claimed is Force sensitive. His parents were always spiritual believers and the thought of Dooroor having a life off of Aduba-3 used to be nothing but a dream. Ever since his mother had passed away, the taxes alone were enough of a struggle for the Devadd’s. As they finished their meals, it had been decided for Dooroor to travel with the Jedi to start his journey as a student of the Force on the nearby temple in Ossus.