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Dooroor Devadd


Homeworld: Chandrila

Species: Ithorian


In 409 ABY Dooroor’s parents, Ror Devadd and Bwullin Both, met in Hanna city during their training at the military academy. In 411 ABY, Ror had joined the CDF as a support ship pilot while Bwullin became a park ranger in Emita. A year later, Dooroor had been born.

A few years after that, Bwullin informed Ror of Dooroor’s potential gift of controlling and manipulating certain plants in the park. It was originally planned for Dooroor to attend Hanna Institute of Antiquities, however, a fellow park ranger and close friend of Bwullin presented another path for the pupa.

After a couple of years deciding Dooroor’s course of life, it was agreed for him to join the Order. Bwullin’s trusted friend introduced them to a watchman who accompanied Dooroor on his journey to Ossus where he was initiated.

In 419, Dooroor was transferred to the Rannon Praxeum.