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Bror Luukston


Homeworld: Corellia

Species: Human/Firrerreo


Years ago, in a chance meeting on a space station in the Core off a popular hyperspace lane, a human man and a Firrerreon woman met, and fell in love. The romance, though brief, was deeply passionate, and led to the birth of one small child. Bright fires burn quickly, and the flames of the relationship ended nearly as soon as it began, as the Firrerreon woman found themselves a way to disappear on a routine layover.

Years after, the man continued his life, with the small child with him. A freighter captain and merchant by trade, life was never still. Port to port, shipment to shipment, he worked himself to the bone, trying to find a way to survive as an independent merchant in a galaxy full of massive corporations and government entities. The next pay day was never a guarantee, and with a second mouth to feed, the next meal was never a guarantee either.

A second mouth may be a second pair of hands, but a child should not be forced to work on a freighter at such an age, and the man knew this was true. While more than capable for their age, and with an intelligence that would rival any normal kid twice their age, the child was still just a child. And did not quite understand the lifestyle of their father, nor understand why there was no mother aboard the ship. And the innocence of youth kept them blind to the happenings around them. Struggle breeds desperation, and desperation is often never reasonable.

Soon after desperation, a decision was made by the man. Another chance meeting could seal his finances for years, decades perhaps. One delivery to someone on the Outer Rim. One child, already in his ship. It was supposed to be a quick paycheck, something he had never delivered. Goods, even illicit, were easy to move through systems, but living beings were something else. A child was even more.

Even with the extra precaution, the Republic is efficient. Rumors of the desperation lead to a rigged operation, there was never any one to deliver to in the Outer Rim. The operation was quick, efficient, and judicial. Slavery and trafficking is illegal in almost all systems in the Galaxy. Sentencing is done to make an example, punishment is used to affect recidivism.

While recidivism is a goal for any criminal justice organization, child displacement is the result of a parent entering the criminal justice system. The Galactic Republic welfare system for orphans is strong though, and children are well taken care of, and there are plenty of potential individuals looking through the system to become parents. There is also the Jedi Order. Individuals are always tested for the opportunity.

Bror Luukston was nervous when he met his first Jedi, a polite dark-haired fellow who administered the standard test for Force sensitivity. He wasn’t scared though. The years moving from planet to planet, orphanage to orphanage, had prepared them for the mental fortitude necessary. The young man found himself passing the test, calmly and efficiently, with the same skill seen amongst most hopefuls. It was days later when Bror entered the Jedi processing system, and found themselves moving towards Duneeden.