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Aren Kelpor

Aren Kelpor
Jedi Knight - Ace Commander

Homeworld: Corellia

Mentor(s): Wen-Ordo

Species: Human


Aren was born to two run of the mill traders whom operated a small shipping business on Corellia. He was the oldest of three children. And while he did spend a good portion of his life underway on ship, assisting his parents as they carried cargo across core worlds of the Republic, he did spend the majority of his life on Corellia in the city of Kor Vella. His parents weren’t smugglers and scoffed at the idea of moving cargo or other material that could harm the security and peace the republic provided. Aren helped out as much as she could, assisting where he could to charm other traders, managers and storekeepers as his parents haggled, bartered, and negotiated. Aren was a good kid and enjoyed learning and meeting new people, creatures, and cultures.

It was a happy existence until just before Aren became an adolescent. Aren started to display signs of being able to use the Force. Whether it was reaching for an object and it would suddenly move or during periods of frustration or anger things would suddenly break, and while it only happened a handful of times, it was enough that it initially scared Aren. He tried to hide it the best he could, thinking that his family might disown him or think of him as some sort of freak. He would try to hide these strange events for several months, but like most things that happened with a small tight knit family, they inevitably found out.

His parents thought long and hard, weighing all the options, before deciding to talk it through with Aren. While it was ultimately up his parents they wanted to make sure that Aren understood what their thought process was when it came to Aren’s future; they needed to contact the Jedi. Eventually the Kelpors contacted the Jedi Order to be interviewed and while Aren was a bit older than most, the Jedi that interviewed him decided that he would be fit to try and join the order so that he could eventually come to better understand his new abilities.