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Aranna Vaan

Jedi Knight - Councilor

Homeworld: Shili

Mentor(s): Rhuacca

Species: Togruta

Padawan(s): AyyaGella


Aranna Vaan is a seven-year-old Togruta female who arrived at the academy. She was discovered cowering near the scene of a brutal exchange of fire between Republic peace-keepers and a strong gang in the streets of the capital of her homeworld, Shili.

Many civilians were caught up in the crossfire, which started suddenly, including Aranna’s parents who were shot and killed. When the fighting had subsided, a jedi healer sensed Aranna’s potential and took her to the academy as a hopeful.

Aranna has a keepsake from her mother, an Akul-tooth headress which she still cannot fit into herself. She wears the garb of the academy which was gifted to her upon her arrival, save shoes as she feels more comfortable without as she never wore any back on her homeworld.

Though she still feels the pain of loss with her parents’ death, she feels a strong connection already to the academy and temple, and holds a generally upbeat demenor.