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Amani Tokoya


Homeworld: Mirial

Species: Mirialan


Amani was raised in a rather high scrutiny family, who had raised their child to be nothing short of exemplary whether Amani liked it or not. Her parents were moderately wealthy, living within the rich communities who tended to show off what made them prideful in a sense. Although the culture of Mirial had an understanding of the Force, its understanding was that actions caused ripples that shaped their destiny. So many had done the most to show off their achievements, but never flaunted their children; Amani’s family was different.

From a young age she had shown off to be rather skilled, more so than others in her class. Gymnastics, Math, Arts…especially art. She was in senior learning programs for several instruments all at the age of five…though this was forced on her. She cried on days she was forced to be up early for practice, a five year old with no friends to speak of and everything focused on doing what her parents wanted.

However, there was something that came to change her life. A visitor had been in discussion with her parents, about where her life would be taken. At first she was hesitant, thinking it was just another music teacher to speak on how ‘poorly’ she was doing, but no…this one only had other things to say. “Your Daughter is…different.”
The visitor was a Jedi, giving the option to the family on where their daughter could go. There was no hesitation, her parents agreed, thinking it was the absolute best way to prop up just how special their own child was. Though Amani at this point didn’t care, she wanted to go with the man. She started to resent her family, resent her talents. She wanted to go far away to do something else with her life.