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Padawan Learner

Once a student passes through the initial steps of becoming a Jedi, he or she will be apprenticed to a seasoned Jedi Knight or Master. Together, the two will train more extensively in the various facets of Jedi instruction, such as lightsaber combat, Force usage, and the many moral and ethical practices that the Jedi adhere to. The student will begin to go on missions with their Master, and get a better grasp on what exactly it means to be a Jedi.

Throughout their training with their Master, the Padawan Learner will begin to grow into their new role in the galaxy. They will begin to become more adjusted to using the Force, and may even begin to learn special applications that their Master may pass on to them. They will become more proficient with a lightsaber, capable of defending themselves should the need arise, and will begin to have a clearer understanding of what kind of behavior is expected of one who devotes themselves to following the Force.