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Jedi Academy of H’ratth

A facility with something of an ‘on again, off again,’ life with the Order, the Jedi Academy on H’ratth dates at least as far back as 4000BBY with Jedi Master Chamma listed as its instructor. A centre of learning for the Orders Healers, the facility was closed with the outbreak of the Jedi Civil War, only to be later re-opened with the Ruusan Reformations. The academy again saw closure with the rise of the Galactic Empire with the Jedi residing at the academy supposedly being wiped out. Its most recent reopening was in the years following the fall of Darth Krayt as the Order looked to repair the damage done to the galaxy by the One Sith. Presently it serves as little more than a hospital with only a small handful of Jedi Masters overseeing operations.