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The Greater and Lesser Force

Cyril Feraan

According to some theories, the Force as a whole exists in two separate pieces: The Greater and the Lesser Force. Under this idea, the Greater Force is very much a driving force behind the entire universe, while the Lesser Force consists of the aspects of the Force inherent in everyone and everything in existence. Midichlorians are a part of the Lesser Force as a manifestation of the Force within living organisms.

However, despite their unity within the concept of the Force as a whole, each element, Greater and Lesser, has a distinct and whole identity. That is, while the Force cannot be the Force without all pieces, these pieces are not really pieces, being complete in themselves; neither can the Force be separated into the Greater Force and Lesser Force without recognizing the emnity of each.

The way in which the Greater Force and Lesser Force interact with each other, and in fact, the whole galaxy, is hard to discern and current knowledge is based on somewhat vague suppositions. But from what can be gathered, the Lesser Force is essentially the bond between the Greater Force and all sentients and all things. Therefore, through the Lesser Force, Jedi could access the flow of the Greater Force, and then through the Lesser Force again, manipulate nearly any aspect of an object or person, such as its physical position or even state of matter.

Although, there are some exceptions, in that the natural rules must still be observed, and this is defined by what is known as modern science. Otherwise the mantra “With the Force, everything is possible” holds true. The Greater Force itself transcends these boundaries, but since sentients must work with their limited abilities through the Lesser Force, there are thereotically things impossible for Force practitioners to achieve that are wholly possible with the purest form of the Greater Force.

This theory explains many things that we can easily observe. For example, why is it that certain people can “access” the Force? Since we know that the microscopic midichlorians denote Force-sensitivity, there has to be a link between these and the Force. The concept of the Lesser Force fully explains this. Also, life is embued by the Force, dynamic, yet fixed by some sort of anchor; obviously there is a difference between life and non-life, sentient life and non-sentient life.

This is where the Potentium and Unifying theories are involved. Under the Potentium theory, life is centered around the will of the Force, with all of life joining together towards a “good” end in the Force. This is possible, as under the Potentium view, there is no actual “Light” or “Dark” side, but morality is defined by the manner in which one uses the Force. Yet the Unifying theory claims there is a symbiotic relationship between the Force and Jedi: each creates one another.

Proponents of the Unifying theory generally believe the Force’s will is to be accepted as the ultimate will of all the energy in the universe flowing together as one: The Force. This is a a stark contrast to the idea that the Force is somewhat separate entity from sentients that simply works through all of life. Generally, supporters of the Potentium theory are more inclined to believe the veracity of the Greater and Lesser Force, as the Lesser Force is very similar to the Potentium view of all things working for the plan of the Force (which in this case, would be the Greater Force).

In the end, although is impossible to prove the existence of any such “Greater” or “Lesser” Force, evidence supports the general concepts. Science and philosophy agree that there must be some means in which to link physical life with the metaphysical nature of the Force and the apparent will behind it. The abilities of Force-sensitives exemplify this connection and allow us to examine the true nature of the Force. It is important to study this if we are to understand our role in the galaxy as Jedi.