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Galactic Coalition Military


Galactic Federation of Free Alliances
Peoples’ Parliament of the Commonwealth
Jedi Order

Originally formed as the Galactic Coalition Navy, the military organization was created in the wake of war to combat the powerful invading fleets of Darth Rishi across the known Galaxy. Consisting of three nations in the forms of the Galactic Alliance, Commonwealth, and Chiss Ascendancy, the naval alliance found great success in defending the Inner Rim Territories from invading fleets, as well being able to execute a number of preemptive attacks against multiple warships. This eventually allowed a strike team of Jedi Knights to board the enemy flagship and kill the Sith commander, effectively ending the short yet destructive conflict in definitive style.

Following the eventual re-stabilization of the Galaxy, the Chiss Ascendancy formally removed itself from the alliance, leaving the Galactic Alliance and Commonwealth the sole survivors of the organization. As time continued to pass peacefully, the need for a galactic military alliance steadily decreased, eventually resulting in the quiet dissolving of the formal Galactic Coalition Navy.

In astounding fashion, the times of relative peace eventually gave way to conflict once more, as the Chiss Ascendancy made a heavily uncharacteristic maneuver in invading the northern territories of the Commonwealth, creating a wave of destruction in its conquest. Facing a vastly more powerful enemy in the Ascendancy, the weak military of the northern Commonwealth moved to re-establish the Coalition with the Galactic Alliance once again as its partner against the Ascendancy. However, the notion was steadfastly rejected by the Alliance government, as it solely conceded communication services to its former ally in the wake of war.

Despite the reluctance of the Alliance to fully aid the Commonwealth in its greatest time of need, it was eventually thrown back towards the possibility, as Mandalorian forces invaded Alliance space, destroying multiple fleets and conquering several planets in quick fashion. With little perceived dissent, the Alliance reached out to the Commonwealth to reform the Coalition. After short debate, the decision was made to rebirth and rename the organization to the Galactic Coalition Military, in conjunction with declaring war on both the Mandalorians as well as the Ascendancy. The GCM has since found a credible ally in the form of the Jedi Order following the lifting of the ban against it in Allied space.