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Datapad Notification Form

This form is for submitting an in character notification to the #datapad channel on the official :: JEDI :: Discord.

You have a choice of 6 notification sources, please choose the most appropriate.

  • DU-5T – Temple Cleaning and Maintenance Droid | Useful for notices around FYI changes to the praxeum layout e.g flooded kitchen, damaged or broken doors or if something is left somewhere.
  • A-47 – Medical Droid | Useful for notices around people who may be RPing injuries longer term.
  • F1-LY – Hangar Log Droid | Useful for notices around leaving the Praxeum (not every outing should be put through this, use only for significant outings or absences).
  • Security Office | Useful for notices around security related matters.
  • Council Missions Office | Useful for broadcasting new missions posted by the CMO or when Jedi are being dispatched on missions (not every mission/outing should be put through this, use for significant missions).
  • MY-57 – Council Secretary Droid | Useful for Praxeum or Order related notices, can be used to update on happenings on other branches of the Order or NPCs.

Once submitted the notification is sent to the council for approval. The council reserves the right to amend/deny notifications as needed.