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The Dark Years

In year 201 ABY, Jedi Master Axem Keigoku was to set an Academy for Jedi training. With the help of Master Erue and then Jedi Knight Vos Desu, they gathered many from the Dantooine sector.

Their ranks were swelling, as the brotherhood of the Jedi Order grew into impressive numbers. But something dark was lurking, in the shadows of the Jedi.

The details of when it started is a bit unclear, but was close to year 207. During that period, many younglings were kidnapped, and presumed killed, while others simply vanished in the wide Galaxy. Even the Masters of the Council, such as Shimi Zaki and Dixo Xan were missing.

Through seclusion and meditation, Axem Keigoku was to find them all again. It took several years for him to even find clue of one of those wise and powerful Master. Though, many of them were found dead, some had resigned – for those that could actually be found.

Seeing that his family was ripping apart, Axem went to Tatooine, looking for old republic Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi’s hut in the great desert. Using the knowledge of the old and revered Jedi, he came to realize that he had to follow the path that was set forth for him. By year 213, the halls of the Academy were empty, dusty and a strange lonely aura surrounded it.

Master Shimi Zaki and Axem Keigoku began to clean off everything, while not removing the presence of those that used to train here, they reopened the halls of the Jedi to a new group of Padawans.

It took little over 5 years for Axem and Shimi to reopen the Temple after the Dark Years of the Order.