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The Commonwealth War of Secession


The Commonwealth-Secessionary War was fought between the Galactic Alliance and what is now the Commonwealth from 247ABY to 250ABY. It is widely known as the largest war in the past century, as well as one of the bloodiest. Many scholars and contemporary historians attribute several changes in society to the war, most notably the establishment of the Commonwealth as a legitimate galactic government, as well as the Jedi Order re-establishing itself as an individual entity.

Pre-War Scenario

In the midst of relative galactic peace, there was an on-going civil war in the Lvcam system between the two planets of Lvcam and Katan Ahk, which was largely due to the sharp contrast of values between the two planets. The Galactic Alliance publicly supported Lvcam in the war, funding them fully, and using them as a means to stop the “rebellion” on Katan Ahk. The local government of Bespin had its own plans and was the key planet in initiating much of the talks that led to the formation of the Commonwealth. During the civil war in the Lvcam system, it was Bespin who privately funded much of Katan Ahk’s operations, which led to a strong alliance between the two planets.

Bakura had its own problems with their local government, due to the Galactic Alliance established a now-known corrupt government over the legitimate democratically-elected but radical government. Due to this, there was much distrust for the Galactic Alliance by the common people, and with Bespin and Katan Ahk’s help, the government was overthrown and again replaced by the legitimate government, now even more radical than before.

Naboo and Haruun Kal were planets who had simply expressed distaste for the growing corruption present in the Galactic Alliance Senate during the early 40’s. Several Senators were arrested on various charges, though largely dealing with government extortion. Because of this, many companies also began to go under, with the backers in the senate now behind bars. This further led to people’s lack of faith in the Galactic Alliance.

The final blow, however, came when Chief of State Chet Kerrick resigned from office when faced with potential trial appearances regarding his own fraudulent affairs within the government. A largely distressed senate then appointed the Minister of State at the time, Feksk, to the office of Chief of State.

The Jedi Order also played a large role in the war, mainly due to the fact that at the time they were an official branch of the Galactic Alliance government. They would be called upon time and time again to act as commanders and generals in the battles that the war comprised of. It was also the Jedi Order which produced one of the key figures within the war, Gabe Alkorda. It is now the common belief that the Jedi’s close involvement in the war was a large contributer to the length of the war, as the Galactic Alliance would not have had nearly as many successes were it not for their Jedi Knights.

Stages of the War

Declaration of Secession – 247.17

Talks began between several heads of state, which resulted in Dakran Fasiri, Kol Salvirian, Naas Foopal, Ssein’amr, and Viktre Ka Soude declaring the formation of the Commonwealth, with the five of them and their respective planetary jurisdictions (Haruun Kal, Bespin, Naboo, Katan Ahk, and Bakura) being the founding leaders and systems.

Feksk immediately issued a statement that this would not be supported, accepted, or even tolerated. His statement ended with a now poignant sentence, “I will maintain the unity of the Galactic Alliance using all means necessary.” Concurrent with the issuing of his statement, a fleet of Galactic Alliance starships and supportive frigates exited hyperspace surrounding the five planets, enacting an immediate and complete trade blockade. The first steps to war had been taken.

First Strike // The Battle of Naboo – 247.23

Within days of the trade blockade, Feksk ordered a regiments of Galactic Alliance soldiers to Naboo to strike forcefully at what was considered to be an imminent threat of galactic security. The attack was led by Jedi Master Corinth Alkorda and Jedi Knight Rash Loist, as ordered by the Jedi Council after the request was issued from the Chief of State’s office.

The battle lasted several hours, with the Alliance successfully establishing an outpost on Naboo around the outskirts of Theed City. Casualties were high, however, with an estimated 1,200 dead and countless others injured. Civilian casualties were minor however, with only seventeen counted deaths.

Deception at Umgul/Dargul – 247.25

With a position established on Naboo, two Alliance fleets were sent from the Nkllon system towards Malastare to intimidate Commonwealth leaders. In response, the Commonwealth transferred forces from Haruun Kal and Umgal/Dargul to help defend their position at Malastare. With the Commonwealth now distracted, the GA brought in several additional large fleets from the Aramand Cluster (Galactic northeast) towards Umgul/Dargul. The Galactic Alliance fought a shortlived battle and quickly took hold of Umgul/Dargul, setting their sights deeper into Commonwealth territory. The Commonwealth sent support from Malastare to try and save Umgul/Dargul, but it arrived too late. Commonwealth Generals elected not to launch a counterassault on Umgul/Dargul and instead headed back towards Malastare and Haruun Kal.

Assault on Malastare – 247.27

With Commonwealth positions confused and many of their loyalist fighters caught in a quandary between Umgul/Dargul and Malastare after being deceived, the Alliance fleets near Malastare opened fire and decimated the planet, killing thousands. With several operating squadrons quickly placed on the ground, all residing Commonwealth forces and loyalists were left with but no choice to surrender.

Mygeeto Defects to the Commonwealth

Inspired by the Alliance’s seemingly overly violent assault on Malastare, Mygeeto decided to sever its ties with the GA and become a member of the Commonwealth. The Galactic Alliance had forces on the surface within 24 hours of the decision, but Commonwealth forces held fast and quickly forced the GA off-world.

Commonwealth holds Haruun Kal – 247.30

Allied leaders were extremely confident in their forces after resounding victories at Umgul/Dargul and Malastare. Thus, they sent a number of brigades to try to capture one of the key Commonwealth worlds and one of the original “traitors to the Alliance”: Haruun Kal. They were met with strong resistance upon trying to land on the planet, and after several hours of sustaining numerous casualties (over three thousand), the GA combined assault halted and retreated back to Malastare. The stunning loss carried huge political weight for the Alliance, namely resulting in the leading General of the Grand Army of the Galactic Alliance being immediately fired and replaced.

More Systems Leave the Alliance – 248.02

On 248.02, Dubrillion/Destrillion, Gravelex Med, Bimmiel, Dantooine, Yaga Minor, and Borosk leave the Galactic Alliance, citing grievances including “excessive taxation”, “unjust trade laws”, and “discriminatory regulations” that regional representatives described as “the culmination of thousands of years of tyranny committed against northern Outer Rim systems by the Alliance, and preceding that, the Republic.

The Battle of Cyphar – 248.04-06

The Commonwealth brought a large force into orbit at Cyphar on 248.03, commencing an assault on 248.04. Commonwealth commanders seized control within two days on 248.06 after drawing a surrender out of the local Alliance general, whom they had flanked within his bunker in remote regions on Cyphar. Remaining Alliance brigades were sent into a forced retreat to the Galactic Alliance stronghold in the Nkllon system.

Commonwealth Expands Further – 248.05

In response to the Commonweath’s victory at the Battle of Cyphar, Javin, Gerrenth, Hoth, Isde Naha, Tibrin, and Utapau announced their decision to join the Commonwealth stating they had been “ostracized” by the Galactic Alliance and that their “values most closely coincide” with the Commonwealth.”

Kol Salvirian, one of the original five leaders of the Commonwealth, said, “The Commonwealth is proving itself further to be a legitimate government. While the Alliance wages its campaign of death and destruction against our people, we only wish for peace. Today, we are proud to have join our ranks on this glorious day”.

Blockade at Dubrillion/Destrillion commences – 248.07

In a similar move to the blockades already being enforced at Naboo and other core Commonwealth worlds, a large Alliance fleet arrives from Coruscant to start manuevering around rebel systems in the northern Galaxy, beginning with Dubrillion/Destrillion. Commonwealth leaders openly condemn this move, labeling it “despicable” and “a violation of sentient rights in blockaded systems”.

Yaga Minor and Borosk rejoin the Galactic Alliance – 248.08

Upon hearing the news of the blockades, Yaga Minor and Borosk make reparations with the Alliance for the sum of 100,000 credits each as well as the earnest promise to devote their resources towards the war effort. Chief of State Feksk releases a statement commended both planets for their decision, calling them “exemplary to the rest of the Galaxy” and encouraging citizens everywhere to “wholeheartedly embrace Yaga Minor and Borosk and accept their repentence.”

A representative from Dantooine condemned Yaga Minor and Borosk for “traitorous acts both to the region and to the Commonweath”. He continued by saying that “though we understand your fear, yet the successful resistance of tyranny involves a firm hand in the face of calamity.” Corresponding representatives from Yaga Minor and Borosk declined to comment.

Blockade at Gravelex Med commences – 248.08

The Alliance blockade in the Outer Rim Territories expands to include Gravelex Med.

Blockade at Bimmiel and Dantooine – 248.09

Galactic Alliance fleets reach the orbits of Bimmiel and Dantooine and begin blockades at each location.

Battles of Riflor and Sump – 248.10-13

Attempting to continue to expand their sphere of influence, Commonwealth armies moved from Cyphar to Riflor on 248.08-09, while troops from Bespin and Hoth traveled and landed upon Sump.

In response to moderate challenges setting up a solid fortress at Cyphar, Commonwealth forces were able to withdraw, bombard the surface of the planet with their feet, and reland, this time creating two clearings in which they managed to obtain a foothold. These areas were soon converted into makeshift battlestations and landing zones. Nearby lands became the sites of battlefields, mostly strewn with Riflor natives and a few Alliance troops stationed there who had attempted to defend their homeland from the Commonwealth. Over the course of the battle, roughly 400 Commonwealth forces perished in comparison to over 3,000 Alliance forces, eventually forcing the surrender of the remainder of the Riflor people on 248.13.

On Sump, similar events occured, resulting in inflicted casualties upwards of 2,500 beings for the Alliance and fewer than 250 for the Commonwealth. Yet rather than surrender, the Sump devised a plan involving resistance fighters, setting up an insurgency in the region that would menace occupying Commonwealth units for the remainder of the war.

Treaty of Lorta signed – 248.12

After Commonwealth fleets surrounded Lorta on 248.10-11, Lorta surrendered unconditionally to the Commonwealth, pledging a “non-opposition” treaty, stating that the Commonwealth could use their planet as a base of operations, as well as access up to fifty percent of the means of production on Lorta. However, Lorta refused to directly join the Commonwealth. Commonwealth commanders, fearing a resistance movement as on Sump, agreed to the treaty to ensure they would not become bogged down in positions so close to their capital planets.