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The Circle of Artisans

The Circle of Artisans

A Jedi Artisan studies creativity as part of the Forces Will and tries to understand creation as part of it. While this was mostly seen in the construction of Lightsabers, sometimes for a specific Jedi, this also related to other crafts which in turn would be entrusted into the Jedi Archives for safe keeping and learning.

The study of an Artisan is not to focus solely on invention or construction itself, but to understand how science can help serve the will of the force as well as using the force to enchance certain tools which would assist with the work and study of the Jedi themselves, hence why most of the Artisan work is related to the construction of a Lightsaber hilt in an Art form.

Famous Artisans have a deep knowledge of technology, with a good construction and repairing skill; considering their skills, they are commonly responsible for the following:

  • Maintainance of the temple’s systems and droids.
  • Maintainance and improvement of the temple’s vehicles, including the shuttles.
  • Communication systems maintainance.
  • Technological counselling.

Most of the Jedi Orders most prominent Artisans are located on Coruscant, but even those housed across the Galaxy can come and learn in this area of study, taking it with them and delivering the knowledge to those with the potential to become a talented Jedi Artisan.

Notable Members

Rannon Praxeum

  • Voh Phaar, Jedi Knight – Master Artisan
  • Jago Mirax, Jedi Knight – Master Artisan
  • Zander-Bo Umra, Jedi Knight – Master Artisan
  • Motoko Isawa, Jedi Knight – Master Artisan
  • Wen-Ordo, Jedi Knight – Master Artisan
  • Zevaros Sazen, Padawan Learner – Aspirant Artisan