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The Battle of Mygeeto

Shortly after Assault on Malastare, the Galactic Alliance became aware of Mygeeto’s desire to join the Commonwealth. Within twenty four hours of their victory at Malastare, Galactic Alliance troops set up a blockcade around Mygeeto. Getting inside the atmosphere of the arctic planet proved difficult for the Alliance. Icy winds and snowy skies made it difficult for any aircraft to function properly in the atmosphere. However, that did not stop the assault. Several carriers were sent down outside of many of Mygeeto’s frozen cities.

The government of the planet was not swayed by the Galactic Alliance’s invasion and resisted every act of violence. Many battles raged around the planet for the better part of the day. Both sides were formidable in strength and in numbers. Civilian causalities started to grow as many of the cities were invaded by Alliance troops. Many of the Commonwealth forces were able to fight back the Alliance forces and push them away from the cities. The natives to Mygeeto used their extensive knowledge of their planet to plan traps for the Galactic Alliance.

Soon, the scales of the battle tipped in the favor of the Commonwealth. Although with several hundreds of civilian causalities, they stood strong and were able to counter each tactic that the Allied commanders utilized. The battles raged well into the night, eventually resulting in the destruction of several of the ice cities, leaving nothing but ice shards and large, broken sheets of ice. Eventually the Galactic Alliance’s leaders ordered a full-scale retreat, their fleet soon jumping into hyperspace. Mygeeto was now under the control of the Commonwealth.