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Zyrn Maron

Zyrn Maron
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Dantooine

Mentor(s): Alanya Sgall

Species: Zabrak

Padawan(s): Lucius Vein


In the early days of his Knighthood, Zyrn Maron developed a lightsaber combat style called “Feel/Touch”, which is heavily based on coutering and feining the opponent to walk right into your blade. He rarely spoke of this because he liked to keep competitive, but now his desire to teach is number one, and as such, he has no problem relinquishing the basic premis of Feel/Touch.

His core Force powers are average at best, he practices those that would aid his saber skills and would help him in the field. His lightsaber is his main weapon.


The first memory Zyrn Maron recalls is being on a beach on Dantoonie. Only a small child he lived off the land with his adoptive father, Korek Maron. His Father told him vast stories of Jedi Knights and the force it self. The concept of the Jedi was imbeded in him from childhood. Zyrns first encounter with the force happened at a young age, before being brought to the temple. Wondering on the beach on dantoonie he had gotten away from his father and found himself staring at the jaws of a Kath hound as tall as he was. Frightened for his life, Zyrn ran as fast as he could into a near by cave, this cave was no ordinary cave, it was one of the few (especially in these times) caves that housed force crystals, the same crystals Jedi use in there lightsabers. The Kath hound at this time had been warded off by the crystals and the frightened child sat near them waiting for rescue. After hours of waiting he began to hear whispers. They were faint and inaudiable, this is definatly a most confusing time for little Zyrn. The whispers never stayed in the cavern, they left with Zyrn when his father came to his resuce. They went with him always there always telling him things. At night, right before Zyrn was about to fall asleep for one moment he could hear what they said, or see the pictures they were showing him, unfortunatly he did not understand the meaning.

Zyrn always saw his father as a kind gentle man, he never struck him, and rarely raised his voice. He taught Zyrn right and wrong and to not loose his patence. He would analogize life lessons to him, mostly about the force, minding you the fact that Zyrn being four or five years old never completly understood them, though listening to his father he would remember them and the understanding would come as he matured.

Nearly a year after the incident in the cavern Zyrn was brought to the temple of Yavin IV, and initiated almost immediatly, His path of learning had taken a huge step. He missed Korek despite remembering the reasons and assurance that he would see him again. Zyrn still remembers talking to the council for the first time, to a five year old they asked such strange questions. It was also the same day he saw his future Master, Alanya Sgall. Quickly he had befriended another Zabrak, Aeon Xarbon. They had become best friends instantly, trained together and kept eachother strong. Zyrn was accepted as a Padawan to Alanya Sgall on 239.27. His real training had begun, unfortunatly he had never gotten as close to his Master as most do, he had learned the basics of using the force but always felt he lacked the moral training most students were shown.. Due to this Zyrn had never really felt like he was ready to be a Jedi Knight, this caused him to take leave shortly after being knighted. It took nearly 10 years for him to come back to to the Order and really due his duty, Zyrn has reached a new chapter in his life and spent ten years teaching on Ossus training his own Padawan to Knighthood. Zyrn is now a resident on the Yavin Temple.