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Zyla Kenuwa

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Ryloth

Mentor(s): Dithaal

Species: Twi'lek


Born Zyla Kenuwa on the planet Ryloth, mostly known for it’s vast amount of deserts and as well some jungles, but these very environments are home to the species, called the Twi’leks, such as Zyla Kenuwa, witch was born as the third child and the first daughter of Veskirr and Lina Kenuwa, a married couple¬† who knew very well,¬† the destiny of her only daughter as she was born.
She was born with enough midi-chlorians in her blood, that she was considered a Force sensitive and with that, she would be a great interest to both the Jedi and the newly risen Sith, known for their distinctive yet different morals. They suspected that one day one of those orders will come looking for her and perhaps take her away from them when the time is right.
At the time she was nearly two years old and her parents have reached a conclusion that they have to give her to one of the Foster homes in the capital of Ryloth, which was quite distant to the small farm where the family resided; but it was worth it if it meant for the protection of their daughter, so that she will be able to live a normal life, a safe life that is not in the battlefronts of one of the two sides.
With that her life away from her parents was truly starting and because of it, she began to look out for herself. It was hard for her to make friends, since her nervous nature usually prevented that, but in time she succeeded, by making some strong connections with the other kids around her, most of them being older.
Playing outside was a very often activity, when the educators did not held their classes, which consisted of ettiquetes, maths, history and the both languages, that were spoken on Ryloth. While spending her time outside she mostly found interests in the near speaceport of the capital, which was stationed right next to the Foster home itself and with that she started dreaming; dreaming about piloting, being in the air with the birds, being in the space with the stars, travelling to different places of this most vast galaxy.
She was not like other girls. She was different, she was special, she was Force-sensitive and when the time comes, she won’t be able to flee her destiny, at least not forever, because that is the will of the Force, that is how it is and will be, that is the Path of the Jedi.