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Zuri Lyn

Zuri Lyn
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Bimmisaari

Mentor(s): Sai Akiada, Simus Cnydaria

Species: Bimm


Zuri Lyn, a near-human Bimm hailing from planet Bimmisaari, was born in 289.29 ABY. He grew up in the city known as Talito, not far from the capital. He grew contently in a middle class family of traders who would gain enough for Zuri to be able to go to school. He received an education concerning mostly art, trading, music and storytelling, as well as basic knowledge in mathematics, languages and Bimm history. He learned galactic basic both at school and at home, his parents helping him. He thus was able to speak Bimmini as well as galactic basic, though he preferred his native language for its musical qualities. Immersed in a world of trade, story telling and art, he learnt of tales of the jedi. His favourite subjects in school was arts and he quickly became good at drawing. Bimm education also puts a lot of emphasise on the use of language and his level of speech was higher then most human younglings of the same age. Zuri has one older brother and used to do drawing competitions with him. Due to his Bimm education, Zuri did not have much knowledge of the galaxy at large. Most of this knowledge was gathered from the stories Bimm would learn as they grew and to him, the world seemed composed of good people and bad people. The heroes of stories were often the jedi, the bad ones were beings immersed in corruption, treachery and evil.
On 297.29 ABY, Zuri was once again competing with his brother to draw a replica of the market place. Sitting on their balcony with view over the square, they had been drawing for over an hour using a wide variety of colour pencils and brushes to disperse the colours. In the centre of the square was a magnificent fountain with water forming four arcs pointing to the four cardinal directions. It was also a very calm say. There was no wind and conversations were kept low, every was peaceful. As he was finishing his drawing, Zuri wanted to see it under the sun, so he leaned over the balcony holding it outwards. Zuri tripped on a pencil lying on the ground and let go of the drawing. It started falling as paper does, heading towards the fountain. In desperation to see his work disappear, Zuri extended his hand towards his drawing and it suddenly changed course, falling on the ground a few meters from the fountain. While Zuri went downstairs to fetch the drawing, his older brother alerted their parents of what happened. They were sure it was a manifestation of the force and so, wanting their child become one of those honoured warrior from so many stories, they organised a trip to Coruscant. He was tested to see if he was force sensitive and then sent to the Alzoc 3 temple to see if he could become a jedi.