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Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Shili

Mentor(s): Blavek Araven

Species: Togruta


Z’phos was presumably born in 259.xx, on the Togruta-inhabited planet of Shili. It is recorded that Z’phos did not reside on Shili long, due to an irremediable ailment. The definite cause of how the ailment was determined is unknown. Although the reason of the illness is unknown, medical theory leads to indications of the cause being the result of heavy amounts of radiation. Once the illness was discovered by Togruta physicians and scientists, the boy was sent off to Carosi XII, a planet of mammalian sentients known as ‘Carosites’. The Togruta scientists and doctors did not possess the technology of Carosites, thus leaving them useless in their attempts to cure or even diagnose the boy.

Upon arrival at Carosi XII, Z’phos’ condition was nearly fatal as he had been suffering from convulsive paroxysms on a daily basis. The boy had lost his strength and it was long before Z’phos’ health was imperceptibly mending. The boy was sent to the Carosi XII Academy of Medicine, where he was treated with temporary remedies. As the boy’s hope for a cure worsened, the carosites were losing progress in their search for medicine. Subsequently, a team of elite physicians notified the university that they were taking annual expeditions throughout the Galaxy. Their mission was not only to aid the Galaxy, but to find supernatural cures for critical ailments. The phenomenal ship was a medium star cruiser built for the sole purpose of traveling. With the university desperate for Z’phos’ physical wellness, they transferred the boy onto the starship.

After arriving on the colossal cruiser, Z’phos was sent directly to the “Emergency Quarters”. It was not long after the carosites had stabilized his condition, allowing him consciousness. Within this time, Z’phos was auspiciously prescribed to a drug that stabilized his condition for an adequate amount of time. Although the drug was efficient, it was only a temporary remedy. The next cycle, Z’phos was again experiencing convulsive paroxysms, leaving him in yet another state of unconsciousness and immobility. The carosites would often supply the Togruta boy with the drug, it was not enough to overcome such a powerful and arcane illness.

The Carosite medics and doctors continued to serve and venture the galaxy, aimlessly searching for a cure for this perpetually ill boy. It was the year of 268, when the cruiser landed at a Yavin IV starport Patients would board and depart the cruiser leisurely, but one day, a more.. unique patient boarded the shuttle. It was that of a Jedi Master, named Dixo Xan. It was unusual and rare for a Jedi to request medical assistance, due to their natural attunement to the Force. This Jedi, however, required special assistance, after he had been suffering from continuous back aches. Once the Jedi boarded the shuttle, the carosites informed him of the boy’s ailment, and intriguingly, Dixo asked if he could see him. The carosites reluctantly allowed entrance into Z’phos’ quarters. As Dixo entered, he instantly felt a faint connection with the boy and the Force, assuming there was something special and unique about him. Although the boy was diagnosed with a powerful ailment, the Togruta’s connection to the force was irrefutable. Dixo, knowing there was a connection, asked the carosites if he could take him to a Jedi Academy on the planet below the star port, Yavin IV. The carosites were skeptical to release such an ill patient to a group known as the Jedi, yet, reluctantly, they allowed the boy to depart in hope for a cure and an enduring life.

  • 268.08 ABY – Z’phos is initiated with his best friend, Valon Rachius
  • 270.20 ABY – Z’phos is taken as Blavek Araven’s Padawan Learner