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Zevaros Sazen

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Eshan

Mentor(s): Kadvarr Tirladdik

Species: Echani


Zevaros was born on Eshan to Nikem Sazen and Lilel Sazen. He lived a relatively normal life on Eshan, his parents having no real form of status. His mother did most of the work, with their society valuing females over males. She was an instructor for the Echani combat style for various kids.

He looked up to his mother a great deal, and even as a little baby tried mimicking her moves, always giggling when he fell over. His father, on the other hand, stayed home most of the time to take care of the house and cook food for their family. As he grew older, his mother started including him in her teachings, showing him the Foundations, the core of the Echani fighting style.

Zevaros loved this time he spent with his mother, even more so as he learned the arts of their people. He took quickly to it, and grew to want to be like his mother even more. Neither he nor his parents could predict what was going to happen one day during training.

Jerex Sol, a Councilor for the Jedi made a trip to Eshan, having an diplomatic mission to go on. During his spare time he decided to check out one of the local schools and watch a few of the children learning the basics of the Echani combat arts, and possibly check to see if there are any potentials in the crowd.

And he found a few, Zevaros being a part of it. This made him extremely happy, but at the same time sad. This meant he would have to leave his mother and father to go train at the temple. Jerex set up transport before he had to return to the Temple, leaving someone behind to make sure he makes it.

Zevaros had a few days to get ready and say his goodbyes. He’s never been away from his family, or friends, before and it hits him hard. Even saying goodbye to his friends was hard. Each goodbye involved a bit of the Echani fighting arts, for practice and as well as expressing their emotions.

Eventually the time came when he had to leave, and the person who Jerex left behind came to get all the sensitive children. He gave his parents one last, long, hug and left with his things, tears streaming down his face. As he got to the spaceport he wanted to turn around and run back to his parents, but he fought against that urge and pressed forward onto the shuttle to lead him to the Jedi Academy.