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Zelai Kol’iva

Zelai Kol’iva
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Adumar

Species: Nagai


Deep in the forests of Adumar was a small village. Unchanged by time and untouched by any signs of criminals. There lived a young Nagai boy and his family; this one Nagai dreaming of greatness, of one day becoming a Jedi, not from simple rumours, from stories within the set stones. The cave nearby his village showed art scratched within the walls, telling such stories of Jedi and there tales. But in all his days of greatness he couldn’t possibly imagine the destiny that lays before him.

Zelai Kol’iva never had the chance to live with his mother, she had died when the young Nagai hit the age of one, her death was believed to be from an illness which to this day is still unknown to the boy. He had grew up with his father and close-relatives. His father had never told Zelai about his mother, not because he didn’t want to, because Zelai was to young to even know of such, his father preferred to leave him with his dreams and fantasies. Due to the young Nagai being the only son of his father, he was always to secure about him. Zelai was never let out of his sight, his father couldn’t face losing another part of his blood.

Zelai was a smart little Nagai, he learn’t to do things at a fast pace and always seeked more knowledge. His Father found it difficult looking after him because of the high interest and forward forge Zelai placed to his experimenting and adventuring. Giving his Father a hard time.

Years passed and Zelai got older, he eventually turned Six, he was wise, stronger and more mature, his Father was very proud of him and gave him much more independence, allowing him to travel, look after himself and also spend longer time with his friends.

His Father finally moved on, where Zelai was introduced to a new Mother and over time… a new sister. He grew close to his Sister, so close that he fell worried when she was out of his sight. It wasnt long until Zelai was Seven, in his family they celebrated every new coming of an age.

His sister turned one… Zelai was always the one to worry about gifts, although he was out playing, that he forgotten all about his sister, to return back to her without handing a gift worried him to the point of where he chose not to return, so scared that he ran. His parents waited for his return, but it never happened. There concern grew, it was only a few hours late that there parents began a search party to find him. It was not long until he was found… and so time moved on.

Another year passed… It was a wonderful day in the small village, every one was happy but one boy wasn’t he was worried this would be the second year he doesn’t bring his sister her celebration gift. Due to his parents hunting, he decided to make something for his sister; he carved a doll out of wood and took some of his sisters clothing, where he had dressed it. Proud of his creation he left to find her.
He found her playing in the grass being looked over by an old-relative, they were beside the important swamp lake, where he gave her the doll. Having doing this, it finally swept his guilt from the last year.

Zelai, now eight, a simple day at the village… however, not so simple. A village unknown to many, rare to criminals, a man ran inside the village, where screams could be heard. The screams were quickly swipt aside by a loud sharp sound of pain. Zelai and his family ran outside, to witness many looters charging towards the village. Zelai’s father quickly hid Zelai within a small crack in the mountainsides, satisfied that his son was safe, Zelai was left alone. As he slowly grew comfortable with his ”hiding” spot, he slowly was swept to his dreams, which were only to be disturbed by the screams of pain throughout the night. Zelai, unable to get a good nights sleep, he peaked his eyes through the crack, to see a large shadow figure, reaching his hand out to Zelai. The young Nagai had taken the unknown sentients hand. Zelai stood there, shadowed eyes and an unstable figure, he was taken by the sentient, where his dreams were placed within his path, it was now his decisions…. Grasp them firmly, or allow them to slip away.

* 298.08 – Initiated into the Jedi Order.
* 298.21 – Entered into the medical bay for a check-up followed with the jabs.
* 298.23 – Entered into the medical bay due to a minor fall.
* 299.13 – Entered into the medical bay due to lack of nutrition.
* 299.17 – Entered into the medical bay due to an sprained ankle.
* 303.04 – Sent to the Medical Corps for learning opportunities and experience.
* 304.24 – Returned back to the Alzoc III Enclave to continue his training.