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Zel Mirra

Zel Mirra
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Telos IV (Orbit)

Species: Kel Dor


Zel Mirra was born away from Dorin, upon a space station that sprawls Telos IV, a leftover from the restoration efforts of the planet. Because of this, Zel doesn’t know much about his home planet of Dorin. He was born with the typical silver rings around his eyes that signify a Force User among the Kel Dor. Their residence was constantly kept to be helium rich, specially designed for species that breathe atmosphere that isn’t standard. The front door itself was even a small airlock so the people inside can come and go after putting on an appropriate breathing mask.

This meant from a young age, Zel was unable to leave their residence due to the fact that he was too young for a mask. His parents would do their best, teaching him what they knew. He was taught both Basic and the language of the Kel Dor. As he was growing, his parents would change what they were speaking just so he’d get exposure to both languages.

When he reached 6 years of age, his parents were finally able to get Zel an Antiox mask custom made for his size, and started taking him outside of their residence to recreational areas. His trips out caused him a great deal of anxiety after being in their own place for so long, but he was also extremely curious about everything that was around him. During this time, his affinity for the Force was showing. His senses seemed sharper than normal. He’d always seem to know when one of his parents was home before they arrived. When he’d play with other kids in the recreational areas of the station, playing hide and seek, he’d seem to be able to find them easily.

Some kids saw this as a challenge, to try and find better hiding spots, but other kids got discouraged by this and didn’t want to let him seek at all. It was during this time, on the eve of his 7th birthday, he had managed to convince his friends to let him seek. To avoid making it unfun for the other kids, he tried his best to not home in on where he felt his friends. But on this day… Something felt off. He had a bad feeling about something, like something was twisting his gut.

He soon learned that the more he moved in a specific direction, the worse the feeling got. Carefully he moved to that direction and he came across the sight of one of the kids he was playing hide and seek with being held up by the shirt by a nasty looking person. He listened to the conversation and heard how his friend had stumbled into something that they shouldn’t have seen, and they will have to make sure that he doesn’t tell anyone what they saw.

Zel felt the fear of his friend, and he grabbed a wrench that was nearby, left by some past maintenance crew. His arm drew back and he threw it right at the man’s head. It hit them square upside the head, and the shock had caused him to release Zel’s friend. The young Kel Dor yelled at them to run, and that jolted them into action and his friend ran off.

But this left Zel the target of this man now, and they turned to him and before the man could even speak, Zel took off running. He could feel the man following him, despite Zel’s best efforts to lose him. But, the boy also felt a sense of safety in the direction he was heading. But he soon found his path cut off by a sealed off corridor of the station. The door wouldn’t open.

He turned around to try and back track, but at the end of the hall was the man that was following him, and the man didn’t look too happy. Zel saw the knife in his hand and he backed against the door as the man approached. The man stepped into grabbing distance and without hesitation lifted his arm to strike. Zel’s eyes squeezed shut as he saw the knife swing downwards.

Then, he hears a bang followed by the nose of someone hitting the floor. Hesitantly, his eyes open up and he sees the man that was just about to strike him down, crumpled on the floor near the wall. And further back, was a woman wearing a hooded robe. As she approaches the crumpled body, she asks him if Zel is okay and he is only able to nod his head.

She pulled out a pair of cuffs from within her robe and puts them on the man and picks him up, and said she would escort Zel back to his parents. He could feel a sense of safety coming from her, so he follows her back to her parents, who are already talking to station security due to his friend having made it back there yelling for help.

The woman who saved Zel hands the man she captured to the station security and informs them of what she saw, then goes to Zel’s parents and asks to talk to them in private. They all return home, but this time they cycle normal air into the house so the woman could breathe normally. To Zel, it felt weird wearing the mask within his own home.

The woman informs his parents that she is a Jedi from Ossus, and that she sensed that Zel has the potential of becoming a Jedi and how it was no accident she wound up on the station when she did, and that she would like to take Zel to Ossus to train to become a member of the Order. His parents seem hesitant at first, but it only took a little persuasion with the Jedi informing them that he’d be able to be around other children who are like him, and that they’d be able to handle the Antiox breathing masks for him as he grows up, knowing that the mask would need tweaking and replacing as Zel grew.

Zel said his final goodbyes to his parents, before heading off to Ossus. When he arrived, he had to spend time there as a hopeful. He would get into trouble occasionally, trying to watch things he wasn’t yet supposed to because he felt so eager to learn. He’d team up with other hopefuls, trying to sneak around Ossus and they’d all pretend that they were just playing a game of some sort.

But eventually, when he reached the ripe age of 7 years old, he was brought before the council of Ossus and asked a bunch of questions. After answering all the questions, he stepped away an Initiate of the Jedi. Knowing he had some time before he had his lesson with new training saber, he ran off to find his friends to share the excitement. Some of them were initiated before him, some have yet to be. But they all celebrated with each other.

But soon enough, he had to go have his initial lessons to be taught how to properly handle and respect the new tool that hangs at his side. His initial lesson was pretty clumsy, but the person giving him the lesson assured him that he’d get better in time. Over the years that followed, he studied and practiced. He showed an aptitude for the Force, but his saber skills weren’t too good.

As his tenth birthday approached, he was given leave to return to Citadel to visit his parents. His time on the station went well and he spent a few days there visiting his old friends. But then it came time to leave. He boarded the shuttle that was to take him back to Ossus with the Jedi that was accompanying him as his chaperone. Before they returned though, the shuttle dropped out of hyperspace.

Zel tried to find out what happened, and then he learned about the bombing on Ossus and those that died. Some of his friends were among those that died. He was also told that instead of returning to Ossus, he was to go to Alzoc III to join the Jedi of Rannon there to continue his training, as they didn’t feel it wise to bring an initiate back at the time. His chaperone told the pilot of the shuttle to plot a course for Alzoc III, and they were off again.

Once they arrived, he alone stepped off the shuttle and it quickly departed again so the Knight could return to Ossus as quickly as they could.