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Zekii Abrak

Zekii Abrak
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Dantooine

Mentor(s): Coren Ran, Dixo Xan

Species: Mon Calamari


Although apprentice Abrak is still in an early stage of training he has shown a knack for the lightsaber arts. Furthermore he has a strong connection with nature, befriending animals with greater ease than more experienced Jedi.


Zekii Abrak is a Mon Calamarian. He was born on the planet Mon Calamari but he grew up on the planet Dantooine with his grandparents since he was two years old because his parents died in a cargo accident. He met many people like Wookiees, Dantari, Ithorians or Quarren so he can speak many languages. He learns quickly because of his young age. he has no real friends because he spent his time to work in the farm and he also doesn’t know games. He is very calm, peaceful, can be impressed however he doesn’t fear anything. He is very polite, he dislikes the impoliteness. Sometimes he can cold with his comrades but never with the adults

One day, he was working in the farm with his grandfather when gangsters attacked them. A few minutes later, a Jedi passing by here, feeling the Force in this place, saw the troubles which the farmers had and helped them. he looked at the boy and feeling the Force emanating from him, he asked the permission to bring him in the Temple of Yavin IV to begin his training. The grandparents accepted so he brought him in his ship and gone to the Temple.