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Homeworld: Taris

Species: Mirialan


Zarios was a Mirialan born on the planet of Taris. Soon after his birth he was found out to be a force sensitive by a Jedi Watchman named, Volin Mar. After his blood sample was forwarded to Coruscant for recording in that sector, nothing was heard back about Zarios’ status as a force sensitive. With the quarantine in effect, no reply was recieved from the Jedi Order regarding the blood sample. Volin and the family very quickly discovered though, of the increase in quarantine around the core worlds which forced the Jedi to decide and take it upon himself to train Zarios to become a jedi as quickly as possible. For that to happen, Volin waited for Zarios to age and faintly spent time around the family.

As the flu raged in the core worlds, the Jedi Watchman grew quiet and his focus to training Zarios became narrowed.

After a year of his Zarios’ birth, war was declared on the Jedi Order and this caused Volin to take him into hiding. For the time being until Zarios reached the age of five, Volin Mar trained Zarios the best any child could learn. Zarios’ parents made brief visits throughout his time of solitude with the Jedi. He was far from a child prodigy, but learning came easy to him in training and because of the lack of resources around training, Zarios knew nothing of his own species or culture. Growing up with short visits from loving parents and with a strict mentor made him to be emotionally versatile.

After Zarios reached the age of five, Volin made discovery of the populated enclave residing upon the planet of Yavin IV then contacted the branch. After a request to train the boy, Volin had Zarios say his goodbyes to his parents and escorted him to Yavin IV. Once they arrived, Volin took the Mirialan child to the council and confront them for discussion and formal training.