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Zakarie Di’Vosk

Zakarie Di’Vosk
Jedi Knight - Former High Councilor

Homeworld: Voss

Mentor(s): Zechs Demming

Species: Miraluka

Padawan(s): Narael Undine, Eronn Boesky, Qi'la Mydanil.


Due to his species, Zakarie is naturally gifted in force sight. Miraluka’s harness potentially the most advanced and tuned sense ability of them all, additional to this, due to his training in the Jedi ways it has only strengthened this natural gift.

Alongside this, Zakarie has spent countless years putting to use the ability, Telekinesis. The day this ability reached out to him, he has grasped it and thoroughly learnt every aspect of Telekinesis he could find. This has led him to pushing towards branches of telekinesis, such as waveform. His strength in telekinesis continues to grow stronger, with this his connection to the force grows, due to this Zakarie has began taking his first steps into the advanced ability known as ‘Alter Environment’.


Deep in the mountains of the planet, Voss. A small family peacefully lived among the village of Thuucan, a clan that was renowned for its transportation of various cargo back and forth the Cadinth Run trade route. It was a large clan of which prospered from the growth of the habitat that surrounded them, which inspired there close attachment to nature and loyalty to one another that has kept the clan going for generations. Although the Thuucan clan were majoritely populated by Humans, deep within the clan structure were a small family of Miraluka who thrived from the habitat. The family of Miraluka migrated to Voss generations ago, grandparents to great great grandparents. They have always been accepted among the clan due to there attachments that secured loyalty, easily formed bonds and respectable personalities which came as a advantage to the clan when it came to negotiations and diplomacy as Humans were not very renowned for controlling there emotions, especially in heated conversation. Although for the family of Miraluka to of survived so many generations, they had to breed with humans, which is not uncommon for the Miraluka species. Which is where we step among Zakarie ‘Lee’ Di’Vosk, a mixed race Miraluka boy.

Age of seven, Zakarie was the proud son of Denaris, his mother age of fourty-three and his father, Galenos age of forty-nine. Zakarie was the only child, however this did not bother him as the clan were very closely bonded to one another which fulfilled the attachments that a Miraluka thrived from, due to this Zakarie had a very playful upbringing. He was very adventurous which is to be expected from a child. Zakarie had a very peaceful upbringing, as he was oblivious to the external events that were taking place, his mind was shrouded by the clans protection that held a tradition where a child was not to be involved with any of the clans activities till they hit the age of twelve. His father, Galenos was very involved with the structure of the clan as he was a main source to go to when it came to negotiations. Galenos held the diplomacy of the clan that kept the routes strong. Zakaries mother, Denaris spent most of her days teaching the children, holding classes on a day to day basis. They majoritely spent alot of time learning about the core traits that were required. As the clan was majoritely populated with humans, it was without a doubt Zakarie was to be brought up learning the basic language. Which would explain why Zakaries miralukese was poor.

As a child, Zakarie was very adventurous, most commonly known to sneak out during the day. He would usually be found by the waterfall that hangs just below the village that is only a few meters from the mass amount of forest. Usually he would pass the time by creating dens and small sculptures made from the environment, collecting sticks and branches, using them as best he could to craft the most imaginative creations. His father was the culprit of this interest, as he to shared similar hobbies, in his spare time he would craft small ornaments made from wood and other objects. Zakarie took a large interest in his fathers creations. Zakarie was never alone in his adventures, he would usually manage to convince one or two others to accompany him and assist him. Zakarie had another specific game that he enjoyed which was hide and go seek, quite often the other children would struggle to find him, which on numerous occasions the clan have had to organise a search party, it was a struggle for the parents keeping track of the young Miraluka as he was quite fond of his adventures, tricks and sneaking around.

Over time Zakarie became worse, he began taking much more riskier adventures that led the boy to a life changing event, one that could never of been expected. Zakarie was observing the small cargo shuttles that would land beside the village to collect the routinely prepared cargo. However this time instead of looking on with excitement alongside the many other amazed children, he had decided to sneak upon one of the shuttles, hoping to experience the thrill that the many other children speak about daily, flying. Zakarie managed to fit himself into a small cargo container that was obliviously thrown onto the back of the shuttle. It didn’t take long before the shuttle raised the cargo door, initiated the engines and began taking off. At this moment, Zakarie had realized what he had done, fear began rushing through the young Miraluka’s veins, he struggled to find the courage to open the crates hatch and proceed onward. Several hours passed, and Zakarie had fallen asleep. It wasn’t long however till he was awoken by the violent shaking of the shuttle as it approached for landing. The sound of the shuttle doors being opened and engines being turned off. Zakarie could only imagine that he was back home, safe. However that was not the case, suddenly he felt the crate that he was inside, being lifted from the ground and transported. Hearing only the idle conversation of men speaking in the distance and heavy machinery being operated. Zakarie trembling with fear as he came to the realization that he was not home. Suddenly the voices got louder and louder as if they were coming towards him. Suddenly the hatch on the crate was broken, a bright light gazed upon the young Miraluka’s eyes as the crate was opened. Two men staring down upon this boy with a dazzled expression, lost for words they immediately took the boy to shelter. Completely oblivious to Zakarie that he was inside the hangar bay of a starport based on the planet of Jaminere. Zakarie was placed in quarantine, the small miraluka was upset, scared and confused. All he could do was plea to return home. This was quite a common occurrence at Jaminere, Zakaria was easily assumed that he was just another refugee wanting a free trip to the capital. So he was to remain in containment until a shuttle arrives to return him home…

A man named Iwan, a Kiffar, had approached Zakarie, hearing of the information given by officers at the starport, he had personally offered to take Zakarie back home. Iwan had introduced himself to the trembling young Miraluka, as Zakarie raised his head and gazed his vision upon Iwan, the bright aura that emitted from the Kiffar had shrouded the room. Due to the Miraluka’s vision they could not see in such great detail as a normal sentient, they get a mere abstract of the surroundings that is aided by the force. Zakaries vision was more of a individuals alignment and presence in the force without physical detail or attribute. It was without a doubt, Iwan was strong in the force, this being completely oblivious to Zakarie, as he does not know what a Jedi is and have never heard of one, which is understandable for his age. It did not take long for the aura that was emitting from the Kiffar to sooth Zakaries mind, suddenly the young Miraluka boy was calmed and at ease with his trembling emotions. Iwan reached out his hand and asked Zakarie to follow, immediately he did so. Taken back to Iwan’s personal ship, they buckled up, Iwan flicked his fingers across the panels of the cockpit, flicking several switches up and down before suddenly beginning to launch. Zakarie had begun to ask questions along the journey, the kiffar, Iwan understood the boys confusion, and began to explain his presence regarding the Miraluka’s vision. Though Zakarie was partially listening, it seemed he was much more interested in the ship and what was beyond the cockpits window. Iwan suddenly noticing this he reached out to the boy and asked if he would like to have a go. Zakarie looked in shock, jaw dropping and eyes as wide as a owl, he was taken back by the question, something he would never thought he’d be able to do as suddenly become possible. Shooting his arms forward he had grabbed the co-pilots gears, Iwan shaking his head before reaching out and pulling the young Miraluka back to his seat. Iwan expressed the trait of patience and firstly began to show Zakarie how to control the very basics of the ship. In safe hands Iwan allowed Zakarie to have an attempt, Zakarie was very delicate with the controls and wasn’t to harsh on the movement, he kept a steady control of the ship and took the situation extremely serious. Iwan glancing down at Zakarie the whole time, almost as if he was judging him, or better yet, testing the young Miraluka. It was not long before the moments of joy was ended as Iwan took back control and began to descend into the orbit of the planet, Voss.

The ship began to get lower and lower to the surface, as Zakarie’s family stood watching in worry, suddenly as the ship came into site their eyes shot towards the cockpit in hopes of finding there child through the glass. Zakarie began to poke his head up, noticing he was back home a sudden wave of relief hit both Zakarie and his parents. Iwan assisted Zakarie, unbuckling him from the chair and aiding him to the ground. They began to proceed down the bay before making a sharp left to the ramp. Denaris and Galenos rushed towards Zakarie, as all he could do was pull a cheeky smile that hid the worry that he knew he was in trouble. Denaris and Galeno both reached a thanking hand to Iwan, offering him to come inside for a meal, it was the least of there gratitude. As the reunion calmed, and the village resumed back to the daily tasks, Iwan took a seat in the home of the Miraluka. He was welcomed with open arms. Zakarie stayed in the distance still awaiting for the punishment, knowing that once this warm welcoming behavior was over, that he would be in deep bother. Denaris shoots a sharp stern stare at Zakarie, immediately signaling him to his room. The young Miraluka began to sweep his feet across the floor as he stumbled to his room, he placed his ear against the floor in desperate eager to listen to the conversation, as clearly words were being crossed between the three elders but all that could be heard in Zakaries ears was a blurred mumbled conversation. After some time loud thuds could be heard as Denaris and Galenos made their way upstairs to Zakarie’s room, the door opened and Zakarie stared in anticipation, expecting the worse. They began to explain to Zakarie of the dangers he could of been in and attempted to make him understand. Zakarie nodded repeatedly in a apologetic manner, continually apologizing. The scolding come to and end and they hugged, showing affection to one another. It was then that the father, Galenos, told Zakarie that he was to go with Iwan. The young Miraluka boy was stunned, glancing up taking it as a punishment at first, before quickly it was explained by the father that it wasn’t a punishment, but a learning curve. It was obvious that the parents could not manage Zakarie and that they fear he may one day come into harm, they could not live with such guilt. It was without a doubt a difficult decision, but Iwan had explained the benefits that would come and how Zakarie would be given opportunities that would be in his best interests. It was obvious that Iwan made them aware that he was a Jedi, and that he would be in safe hands. After the difficult decision was made, and a conclusion was finally settled. The village had said there goodbyes. Zakarie began to walk back towards the ship with Iwan beside him, surprisingly the tears had stopped and Zakarie appeared quite content with the decision, though unaware of what he was to do or what path he will potentially take, only time would tell. Once they were buckled in, Iwan took a quick glance at Zakarie and began to explain to the boy what is happening. Immediately Zakarie interrupted, his confidence booming, he asked where they are going next. Iwan smirked with ease before entering a few commands on the panels, suddenly the hologram initiated and the Temple of Ilum displayed. Iwan pointed at the hologram and Zakarie smiled, giving a satisfactory nod. Zakarie without a doubt had alot of questions, Iwan was in for a long journey.

Zakarie had spent many cycles in the Temple of Ilum, he was successful in his journey. Initated at the age of eight. Became quite popular among the students for his antics, where he would continually play games. Though this was quite commonly expected from a youngling. The surrounding of the temple was a perfect home for the Miraluka, as it was quite common to the village he once lived in, he had a large family that he could rely on and grow close attachments to one another, seeing each other as fellow brothers and sisters, so it was without shock that Zakarie adapted so quickly. As Zakarie grew, he began becoming more interested in his senses, ways of manipulating the force around him to shroud his aura and himself. Which was quite expected from the Miraluka, as he was always fond of trickery and stealth. Time proceeded and Zakarie was the age of Thirteen, he had passed his Initiatial training, where he was one of the lucky few to be honored with the title of Padawan. It was probably the first sense of accomplishment that Zakarie had ever truly felt in his time at Ilum. He was probably more determined now than ever, showing great amount of effort in his training and studying even when the lights fade and night falls, he would be seen in his quarters studying.

Though the plans for Zakaries path were altered, the council of Ossus felt that it was within Zakaries best benefits to be transferred to another temple, this was due to Zakaries close attachments that grew with the training he had undertaken at Ilum. As he grew very close bonds and was very emotionally attached, something that could not be left a miss, and so the council felt that these bonds must be torn for the benefit of Zakarie himself. At the age of Fourteen, Zakarie was transferred to the Rannon Praxeum to continue his training.


               337.28 ABY – Zakarie Di’Vosk was born on Voss.

               345.30 ABY – Zakarie Di’Vosk was Initiated at Ilum.

               351.13 ABY – Zakarie Di’Vosk earned the title of Padawan.

               352.02 ABY – Zakarie Di’Vosk transferred to the Rannon Praxeum.

               352.25 ABY – Zakarie Di’Vosk was apprenticed to Zechs Demming.

               367.05 ABY – Zakarie Di’Vosk vanished from the Rannon Praxeum.

               369.27 ABY – Zakarie Di’Vosk rescued from slavery and returned to continue his training.

               372.03 ABY – Zakarie Di’Vosk is granted the rank of Jedi Knight.

               373.02 ABY – Mesa is apprenticed to Zakarie Di’Vosk.

               374.06 ABY – Eronn Boesky is apprenticed to Zakarie Di’Vosk.

               375.28 ABY – Zakarie Di’Vosk is granted a seat on the Rannon Council.

               379.28 ABY – QI’la Mydanil is apprenticed to Zakarie Di’Vosk.

               380.01 ABY – Zakarie Di’Vosk is granted a seat on the High Council.

386.17 ABY – Zakarie Di’Vosk transfers to the branch of Dantooine.