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Zarah Eloerin

Zarah Eloerin

Homeworld: Commenor

Species: Human


Born to the trade world of Commenor, raised in the colonies, Zarah’s upbringing consisted of a life living the land. On the outskirts of Chasin City, the Eloerin Family were fair known for their growth and export of fresh produce to the city markets.

Zarah’s mother was a stern woman, one who felt she had always been meant for the city life where credits could buy her all the happiness her compromising marriage did not. Violet by name yet hostile by much of her nature, tending the earth for the years they had been established had left her short tempered and ignorant of her daughters innocence.

Her father, Veiere, on the other hand was as all girl’s wished for at such a young age, he loved her as dearly as he did working the soil and spending hard days outside to bring in an income for the family, a happy and healthy one at that.

As the years rolled on, the young girl knew not the needs of the adult world and while she played happily in the fields and the younglings from a nearby farm day in and day out, the land around her had changed without her notice. Drought had come and with the absence of rain to offer nutrients to the earth and feed the soil, the inability to provide quietly became a weight to large for the family to bare.

Selflessly, in a bid to make life easier on the two of them, Zarah was taken into Chasin City to be offered up as a servant or otherwise an orphan to any willing party. Violet cared not for the manner of her daughters new home, her eyes only seeing province in credits and social status, ever the materialist.

Perhaps it was by mistake or perhaps it was something more than chance that the willing party would be a Jedi from the world of Ossus. At the meager age of five, the Knight understood the child’s fear and hesitated not to take her into safe custody, the mother unfit to offer the girl the love she so deserved; Zarah set off with her new companion for the Jedi Temple, where she would be tested and spend her first year coming to know her new life, one of humble yet lavish surroundings compared.