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Zander-Bo Umra

Zander-Bo Umra
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): Kieran Orion, Arven Silaan

Species: Human


Zander-Bo was born to upper middle-class parents only several blocks from the Jedi Temple. His father, a well-to-do accountant and his mother working part-time in a nearby diner. Beside them, Zander-Bo was often playing with his younger sister and older brother. ‘Zan’ was a cheerful kid who liked to play small pranks, at most amounting to a whoopee-cushion.

He was unremarkable except for his urge to climb. His parents often had to pluck him from irrationally stable towers of household objects when he attempted to get into the cookie jar, again.

Despite all his climbing, he never got hurt, or got anyone hurt, as there always seemed to be someone around to notice. Because of this, he developed a clueless courage in order to expand his climbing abilities. At one point, his mother was working a shift in the diner, having taken ‘Zan’ with her because the teacher at his school had fallen ill. She noticed a crowd outside, staring up at the building in shock and awe.

As she went outside, she almost fainted. She recognized the clothes of the small figure that appeared to be scaling the towering wall above the diner, where the city continued. She yelled for him to come down, the people around her tried to calm her down, some called the emergency services. Suddenly and unexpectedly, ‘Zan’ lost his grip and fell down, down, and down, without a sound… A brown shade caught the boy in his fall, causing gasps amongst the crowd. The shade jumped from ledge to ledge until it found itself at diner level, setting the boy down. His mother was already there in hysterics, while Zander-Bo was all smiles and giggles. She looked up to the robed figure to thank him, finding bright green eyes staring back at her from a frame of white hair. Her robe was one of a Jedi, her lightsaber reflecting the lights of the street.

Through all this, none of the three noticed the applause of the crowd, or the arrival of the security services for that matter. As a set of parameds ensured the child had sustained no injury, the Jedi had calmed the mother down, and that seemed that, as she disappeared into the crowd as if she had never been there. His mother had not managed to get a thank you out.

Several days passed after the incident, including several reprimands from his father to never scare them like that again. As all was returning to normal, the buzz at the door disturbed the exchange of stories at dinner. Zan’s mother opened and shrieked shortly before regaining control. As she returned to a husband almost in arms and ready to fight an animal, her two oldest and youngest in silent wonder, and Zan in a state of gleeful silence, she brought with a woman with white hair, green eyes, in simple clothing. She had exchanged her robe for a more casual attire for this occasion, as to not call attention to herself.
After dinner, she talked at length to Zan’s parents about how she had come to be in that place at that time to save Zan’s life. She spoke of the impression she had got of Zan, but also how his openness allowed her to unexpectedly view the boy’s future, or one of them anyway. She advised them of the possibility for him to be assessed and receive training. Zan’s parents looked at each other for a moment before his mom got up and got Zan from another room, playing with his brother and sister.

“Yes, I wanna,” Zan replied to the obvious question. “It will be difficult,” said the Jedi, having identified herself as Zarah Eri. This argument did not seem to shake the boy, his eyes had a glint of determination. “Let this be the invitation, I will give you some days to think about it,” Zarah said with a smile, “I will return in a fortnight if you give us consent.”

With that, she left as sudden as she had arrived. His parents dug up what they could find on the Jedi, having been more of a legend than a reality before this whole ordeal. Their arguments shifted when looking through the news of several decades, but Zan remained steadfast in his opinion. He wanted to go, he would go. After two weeks his parents sent the notice. The two weeks after were with gleeful anticipation, and some private family parties to see Zan off on a high note.

Zarah returned with her Padawan to pick up Zander-Bo officially. His parents, siblings, and even an uncle and aunt who lived twenty megablocks away, had managed to see him off. The Padawan gave Zan a pack which contained a set of clothes and told him to get the toy he liked the most. “But Romm and Ilizah and me all share our toys,” Zan said, looking at his brother and sister, which nodded to one another knowingly before Ilizah sped away with as much speed as a five-year-old can muster. Within a minute, she was back with a small, sleek model of a spaceship which Romm gave to Zan: “Take it, little bro’, you might have to fly to another planet sometimes, I think.” All three hugged before Zan hugged his mom and dad. “Be good for us, and no climbing,” his father said with watery eyes, his mother remaining silent and squeezing Zan before straightening his clothes. “Remember, not too much sweets, and no dangerous climbing,” his mother told him. Zan nodded, took the hand of the Padawan, and was off with the Jedi.

The journey to the Temple was routine to the Jedi perhaps, but Zan had never been so high, being able to look out across the vastness of the city. After arrival, he was sorted to transfer to the Alzoc III enclave, which prompted Zarah to get him more suitable clothes should he get cold. They came with Zan to transfer him to the resident Councillors, Sebastin Creed and Alehk Thol.

It was at 324.27 around noon on Alzoc III that Zander, Raskta Vuhei, and Kajuun Mujai, an Echani girl and another Human boy respectively, were called up to ‘help’ master Thol carry some ‘stuff.’ This turned out to be a clever pretense to get the three into the Council chambers, dubbing the three of them Initiates of the Jedi Order. While initially friends with both of them, Raskta was sent back home relatively soon after. Kajuun became a long-time friend for Zander, together with Xel Damar, a Kel’Dor boy. While these friends went their separate ways later in Zander’s childhood, the warmth and feeling of comradery would prove defining moments in enforcing Zander’s playful and enthusiastic nature. His early days of training were influenced by the likes of Alehk Thol, Kieran Orion, and many more.

As his first year passed Zander was more and more inducted into the Jedi ways. On 325.24 he was taken to a monumental mansion on a planet close by Alzoc III. Xel and Kajuun were also taken with, making it a ‘Team Krayt’ trip in a way. Masters Creed, Feyn, and Vuusen accompanied them. This mansion turned out to be the proving ground for their Novice Trials, made up of riddles and tests of skill. All three Initiates were elevated in rank.

Safely back in the enclave, Zander made his first steps into what would turn out to be one of his fortes: Augmentation. Together with Xel he was instructed in leaping beyond normal heights and lengths with use of the Force. It was in these days that Zander also had his first experience with death. Kantha Maitri, a generally loved Padawan, had committed suicide and the ceremony left a lasting impression on Zander. He took it on himself to care for Kantha’s rescue pet, Nibbles, a strange carnivorous lifeform.

On 326.13 Zander was taken to be Kieran Orion’s Padawan Learner, aside his already present Padawan Clara Baunes. Their bond grew swift and turned out warm. A year and a while later, on 327.23 Kieran was sent on a high priority assignment during which he would not be able to care for his Padawans. He relinquished their teaching. Zander took it initially well, but eventually grew lonely and withdrawn, his friends taking their own paths. It was not until a year and some time afterwards, on 329.08, that he was apprenticed to Arven Silaan, although much to his initial surprise. A Force User from the Matukai tradition, he was initially allowed to teach students as part of an exchange of knowledge, but was later acknowledged as a Jedi Knight. Zander had previously received tutelage from the man, and took to his training with new vigor with his new Padawan Brother Silas Vir’n. He was happy to have had made up with Silas regarding a verbal altercation not too long before, so now he was all set and ready.

The years passed steadily on, sometimes with an altercation between the brothers, but often in comradery again. Zander was coaxed out of his shell again and began making new friends. Amongst whom was Mirkal. 331 ABY brought along many changes. First of all Silas was granted the title of Jedi Knight on 331.10. Just after this the order was given for the great move to Yavin IV, a long stop for the branch’s eventual move to Rannon, the move occurred on 331.11 ABY. Mirkal, whom Zander had previously met was taken on by Arven about half a cycle after these happenings on 331.14. This new brother turned out to be a match for Zander. Mirkal had the strength, Zander had just an inkling more smarts in order to make up for this relative lack of skill, as well as a great focus on his speed. They were able to lift the other up in their weakest moments, forging a strong connection between the two which has lasted still.

He currently provides for his peers the best way he can, aiding when his skills allow him to. Whether it be a reassuring word or a vigilant eye as a member of the Guard, or even as simple as fixing a lightstrip in the dorms which is keeping everyone up at night. He strives to be fair and supportive while remaining true to himself.