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Zamos K’nde

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Nagi

Mentor(s): Gor-Kai Olor

Species: Nagai


Born at dawn ravaged by a harsh blizzard around 390 ABY, Zamos was born as the second child of the noble house of K’nde. His early childhood was as eventful as any prince’s in the relative luxury and safety under his father’s rule. Being the second child of house K’nde, his brother, Gonog was in line for inheriting all the family responsibilities, freeing up Zamos to be educated and looked after with more flexibility. His relatively easy life halted on a faithful day when the Void crisis reached Nagi. The wealth of house K’nde was plentiful, granting a safe, comfortable passage off-world, setting course to Naboo, far from the conflicts brewing.

Feeling guilty because of his departure, Tyvan, head of house K’nde, proceeded to donate a considerable amount of credits to organizations aiding the resistance against this new threat that has been looming over the Galaxy, not knowing that his greatest contribution would be much more sacrificial.
Upon entering the orbit of Naboo, officers from the Medical Corps halted the ship to examine the passengers due to quarantine. The family was kept waiting for a few hours, not knowing what their fate would be when finally a representative of the Jedi Order introduced himself as Evelyn Rhuul. After informing Tyvan and the rest of the family that they were cleared to land on the planet, she had other news as well. The blood sample of Zamos, the 4-year-old prince of house K’nde has shown irrefutable attributes and values that pointed towards Force sensitivity. The family has been offered a choice to let Zamos go with Master Rhuul, even further away from the source of the conflict, to safely to the temple located on Ilum. Not having much of a choice there and then, with a heavy heart, Zamos was let go.

The council of Ilum soon confirmed the results gathered on Naboo: young Zamos was indeed Force-sensitive, and his training had soon begun.

During his early years, Zamos proved to be a curious yet somewhat frail child. Despite his Nagaian roots, he actively avoided fights and sparring sessions and occupied his thoughts with knowledge of healing and a deeper understanding of the Force. Soon he showed interest in regenerative techniques as well as showing skills of a diplomat. He was a frequent visitor of the local archives and the sessions of Dsa Madell, branch ambassador of the Ilum temple. Nobody knew for sure why an old man of war decided of taking him specifically under his wing. Zamos soon became the Padawan Learner of Jedi Master Gor-Kai Olor.

The padawan years of Zamos were less peaceful. He always thought Master Olor saw the young boy of peace as a challenge to mold him into a fearsome warrior, more aligned with his Nagaian heritage. Exhausting, almost militaristic training sessions took their toll, pushing Zamos further away from the world of violence, making him retreat to the books and practices that promoted the polar opposite of his master’s teachings. During a confrontation, Master Olor revealed to him that training Jedi felt like a task beneath his talents and the experience he gained as a member of the Imperial Guard. His actions and training methods grew even more grueling, alienating his apprentice even more.
Soon, however, the talents he so wanted to ignore despite his mentor’s efforts, would be tested.

During the war with the Wyld Empire, Zamos participated in numerous medical expeditions and missions of aid. He kept perfecting his skills and knowledge in the fields of diplomacy and medicine, aiding both with his talents of telepathy and empathy. His attitude remained the same, however, even strengthened by his belief about the Jedi being keepers of the peace. He has rarely been seen using his lightsaber, this privilege has been almost exclusively reserved for the members of the Artisan wing as they assisted young Zamos during construction.

Gor-Kai Olor has been relocated to Dantooine and Zamos had become a Masterless Padawan. Strangely enough, Zamos felt liberated. His relationship with Master Olor however remained respectful until his death of old age. His grief was short-lived, since his contributions to the Order and aiding the free worlds and people of the Galaxy, Zamos has been granted the rank of Jedi Knight on 420.22. ABY.

Zamos spent the last few cycles traveling around once peace has finally arrived in the Galaxy. He knew his skills in diplomacy were needed as the political scene had changed. New members appeared on the diplomatic chessboard, others remained in a different roles. The more he traveled, the less attached he became to the Ilum temple, despite the friendships that were established there.

For the first time, he stepped out of his shell and embarked on a new journey, taking him to a more remote part of the Galaxy. Rannon.