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Zaesh Kyarr

Zaesh Kyarr
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Dantooine

Mentor(s): Narael Undine

Species: Echani


Zaesh was born on Dantooine, at 389.25 ABY. The third child of Cylia, his mother, and, Jervos Kyarr, his father. Before actually arriving on Dantooine, Jervos and Cylia were traveling from planet to planet, by any means necessary, in order to find a suitable environment to settle down and create a family. It was only at Zaesh’s older brother’s, Zian, birth, that they decided their days of roaming the galaxy were over. So, Dantooine became their home; which proved to be a good environment to start a family and alternate the rhythm of their lives.

The Kyarr couple was not as lucky with their second child. Two years after the birth of their first son, Cylia was carrying a girl. Everything seemed fine until the last few cycles of the pregnancy. The doctors at the nearby city’s medical facility insisted, on delivering the child earlier for the sake of her mother’s well-being. The girl was born but, alas, she succumbed overnight. Cylia fell into a deep depression and the wound never truly healed. However, it made her stronger in an odd way. The sorrow still remaining, it manifested into a strong bond between herself and her last born, Zaesh. His birth was a difficult one as well; yet in her mind it made him special.

Zaesh enjoyed Dantooine’s vast grasslands immensely; they became his playground. Because both of his parents were working full time jobs to provide the best for their family, it was important for him to make friends. His brother was good enough of an entertainment for him. Sometimes they played, sometimes they fought and got into arguments. It was a pretty normal, average life. When both parents were unavailable, either due to conflicting shifts or otherwise, the children were usually taken care of by friends of the family. The Kyarr couple deeply cared for their two sons despite their availability. Zaesh was soon starting his first grade at the local primary school. He was very happy there, knowing all his friends from around the settlement, before they became classmates. He loved to draw and create, play pretend with his friends and going on make-believe adventures. At home during playtime with his brother, they usually sparred. They imitated their favourite characters from holomovies of epic tales between good and bad, heroes versus villains. Zaesh usually wanting to take the part of a hero, the role of villain fell upon Zain. For swords they borrowed two bamboo stakes, their mother used for gardening.

One day, one of these spars went horribly wrong. They were in the caretaking of a family friend, Sybil, of whom both were very fond. The ongoing spar seemed to be the best one yet, an epic confrontation and an awesome display of a child’s imagination; but Zaesh missed his brothers weapon, hitting his hand unintentionally hard. Zain let out an aggravated shriek, as the impact hit his palm. Zaesh dropped his weapon and tried to apology, but his brother was already coming at him in fury. He swung at Zaesh’s knee with his bamboo sword, which made him loose his footing and fall to the ground. He closed his eyes and raised his hands to shield himself from the next strike, which looked far more vicious than the previous one. At that moment his brother unexpectedly froze in place, before he could carry out the attack. Zaesh opened his eyes as he heard Sybil scream their names. The bamboo stake in his Zain’s hands shattered into thousand pieces, erupting everywhere, pushing his brother away. Before Zaesh realised what had happened, Sybil was already next to Zain,to check his well being. Lucky he was all right, just a bit startled. Sybil immediately contacted their parents and described what has happened. When their father Jervos came home, he talked to both of them separately, to get a better grip on the situation. He tried to remain calm and understanding with Zaesh, avoiding panic. Cylia came home late, discussing the situation with her husband. They quickly got into a smaller argument, before Cylia refused any further mention of the event. The next day Zaesh felt that the relationship between every family member was slightly altered.

It was a few cycles later, as his seventh birthday was nearing, that trouble once again brewed within the family. Cylia and Jervos started becoming quite distant. There was far more arguing between them than love. Zaesh noticed that but he did not understand. Perhaps because he idolized them, or maybe because he was not aware of the potential issues that could push a couple to such a state of being. That being said, he didn’t pressure the issue, as he didn’t know how he would be able to do something like that. ‘Why try to change things if they are already perfect?’ He thought. His brother started becoming distant from him as well however. He had stopped being as fond of talking to him as before. Something had changed. Zaesh thought that he might have been the only one unaware of what was transpiring around him. And for the first time, he felt alone in his home.
It was only a cycle before his birthday that his father approached him. He was going to the Jedi. He did not know much about them, only from the tales that his father read him before sleep. He felt powerless, did not know how to respond, what to ask, to try to argue his way out of it. He did not know what to do, he wanted to scream, but he only opened his mouth. Silence. The night before his seventh birthday, the day when he would be separated from his family, for who knows how long; he heard his mother cry downstairs. He went straight to bed. ‘Let it be over’, he whispered to himself, falling asleep soon after.

The next day, after a silent morning of packing the bare essentials and after the shallow-felt birthday wishes and a present from his mother and father, his very own datapad, a man approached their home. Knight Sirius Invictus, High Councillor from a small Jedi branch on Alzoc III. The family said their farewells and Knight Invictus took Zaesh to the nearest spaceport. They did not speak during the way, even the Jedi Knight remained initially silent. As if both gauging the child and allowing it peace of mind. It was only on the transport, which flew directly to Alzoc III, that Invictus invited Zaesh to play dejarik. An easy to play, yet difficult to master, game. One which reminded Zaesh of his father as they played regularly back on Dantooine. He was not good at it, his father always won, but he enjoyed the feeling.