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Zaahir Zin-Malik

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Kuat

Mentor(s): Garo Alden*

Species: Kuati/Miraluka


“Zaahir, please wait outside.” His father told him.

He did not remember the face of the man who spoke to his father, but Zaahir remembered his black and red cloak. It was like no other dress of the people of Kuat, something foreign and strange. Not only did it conceal the man, but it was as if there was not even the silhouette of someone there. He was like a grey wraith shrouded in mist, as one might see an old face in a dream.

Zaahir watched from the window of that old sand brick house, a house that would have become his own after his father had left this plain, which was his father’s before him and his father’s before him. Sometimes, Zaahir would see them speaking to one another. But Zaahir learnt to not speak of this even when he saw them, after once he had upset his father.

Zaahir’s father accused the man of being a slaver, to which the cloaked man retorted something clever and soon the anger wiped from his father’s face. He began listening, the wraith no doubt giving some strange and evil tale, he thought. But when Zaahir was invited back inside, he learnt the truth. There was no evil to be found. The man in the black and red cloak took Zaahir to a new home, one without want or need; a new kind of living. They called it a place of learning.

Zaahir met another who looked like a grey wraith, then another, and then he was surrounded by them. They called his sight a condition at first, until he began to learn from it. Those winds spiralled in ways indescribable, blowing and flowing as soundless echoes through the halls as the remaining presence of the thousands of years of Jedi who had come before him.

He could see things that they could not, though they claimed to have very powerful eyes. His mother had called it ‘Casin Moba’ta’, an ‘ear to the grave’, for Zaahir would often say he could see people who were not truly there. One of the local priests had tried to expel demons from Zaahir’s soul, to no avail. Zaahir would even, on occasion, see things that would not be there for some time. This had disorientated him in his youth, and thus he was a very shy boy for many years. But in adolescence, through these strange men of mist who called themselves the Jedi, Zaahir learnt more about what he saw.